How To Catch Trout – Trout Bait Tips That Every Fisherman Needs To Know

When it comes to catching trout there are certain things that every angler should understand and use to their advantage out on the water. In this article I will outline and discuss some trout bait tips that every trout fishermen needs to know. I have learned these tips over the past twenty five years while fishing for trout from Pennsylvania to Alaska. The tips all work and have been working for me for that entire expanse of time. The bottom line is that if you want to learn how to catch trout for the first time or you are a trout fishing veteran, this article is for you.

Some of these trout bait tips were taught to me by my fishing mentor before he passed away and others have been learned through spending time of the water trying to catch trout. Determining which type of bait to use in which situation is of the utmost importance when fishing for these beautiful fish. Some trout baits are effective in the flowing water of a river, yet are much less effective when it comes to the non-flowing water that a lake offers. The bottom line is that these trout bait tips will make you a much more successful trout fisherman.

  1. Live Baits Are Most Effective In Rivers & Streams – This is not to say that live trout bait is not effective in a lake fishing scenario, it's simply that live baits are normally more effective when used in a river or streams. Live trout bait such as live worms that are normally rigged and allowed to flow naturally with the current of a river or stream is a great way to catch trout. Live bait such as minnows and even insects can be very effective as trout bait as well.
  2. Artificial Flies Are Always An Effective Trout Bait – Anyone who knows anything about trout fishing is no doubt aware of the fact that a favorite food source for trout are live insects. Well artificial flies are the best way to mimic a live insect. Whether you "fly fish" in the traditional manner or use a casting bubble with spin fishing gear, using artificial flies is one of the best trout bait tips that you can get when i come to fishing for trout. This trout bait is effective wherever trout are found, from rivers and streams to lakes and ponds.
  3. Spinners & Spoons Are Most Effective When Retrieved In A "Jerky" Motion – Again trout spinners and spoons are effective when retrieved many different ways, but seem to be most effective when retrieved with a "stop and start" or "jerking" motion. This can be accomplished by "snapping" your rod tip as you are retrieving your spinner or spoon. Varying the speed of the retrieval also helps to create the type of motions that trout find hard to resist.

If you want to know how to catch trout or just want to catch more trout, these trout bait tips will serve you well. As I said, they have been working for me for more than two decades and I know they will do the same for you.