How To Become Really Wise Thanks To Dream Translation

I could understand the truth about my mental condition thanks to the dream language. I have already showed you everything about me, but don’t think that this exposition was easy in the beginning. I didn’t want to show to the world that I was a terrible demon when I was young. I didn’t like this fact. I wanted to hide it.

God made me expose myself because I had to use my example in order to give you practical and realistic lessons. However, in the beginning of my path it was very hard for me to admit that I was a bad person.

The first time I understood this fact was in 1984, when I started studying Carl Jung’s work, the work of many other psychologists, and the work of many scientists from various different fields. I was writing down some of my dreams and trying to interpret their meaning based on the knowledge I supposedly had. I was confused and I was ignorant. I didn’t know which method of dream interpretation was right.

I don’t know how I managed to understand that I was bad. I was interpreting the meaning of my dreams based on what I could understand from Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation at that time.

However, I remember that when I concluded that I was a bad person I felt relieved. It seemed that I had arrived to a decisive point in my life because I made this conclusion.

I couldn’t imagine that this verification could have a positive meaning. I believed that it was very bad to be a bad person.

I had to start thinking in a different way. My dreams were criticizing my personality and my behavior. I understood that the fact that I realized that I was not the good person I imagined I was, helped me understand who I really was. So, it was a very important comprehension, independently of its negative aspect.

I was becoming wiser.

At that time I believed that it was not so hard to become a wise person. I was glad with my philosophical and psychological progress, besides having verified something very unpleasant about me. Yes, I was a bad person. I was selfish.

I recognized this fact, but I believed that I was right for being selfish. I didn’t think that after understanding that I was a bad person I would have to learn how to become a saint.

I had this revelation four years later, in January of 1989, the worst year of my life. I discovered that I was practically schizophrenic. My neurosis already had signs of schizophrenia. I was not simply a bad person. I was a demon.

I don’t know how I could survive after discovering this fact.

In the beginning the admission of your satanic nature will be painful and unpleasant. You won’t bear to look at yourself and identify the demon existent in the biggest part of your brain. You will hate yourself because you will see that you are evil. This is a painful experience that your ego wants to avoid.

You have to be strong and face the truth. This demon is real. Now that you know this fact you cannot be indifferent to its existence. You have to be afraid of your evil self, and you have to be ashamed for having an evil nature.

This initial comprehension is sad, but it helps you become a wise human being.

This comprehension helps you look at the truth with the eyes of an adult. It eliminates all the frivolity that was covering the truth.

The fact that you are a demon is a tragedy. The fact that you must become really human in order to stop facing terror and despair is a terrible necessity. However, you must be grateful because you are learning the truth. Now that you know the truth, you can prevent many horrors.

Now you will do everything you can in order to stop being a demon, and become really human.

You will stop imitating the bad examples of the commercial world, and avoid horrors that seem to be unavoidable for those who ignore how our planet works. Nothing happens by chance.

Earth is a planet specially created by God with the intention to transform demons into human beings. Everything here has the purpose to work like enlightenment. Everything here has the intention to help you see the truth behind the apparent reality.

You have to learn how to translate the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation in order to receive free psychotherapy in the dream messages, and understand God’s wisdom.

Most people believe that success in life is based on having material pleasures and social admiration. This is an erroneous ambition. You should desire to stop being evil and absurd instead of agreeing with the cruel concepts of the commercial world.