How to Become an Effective Speaker

Communication is the key to everything; success, dealing with other people, self development, and so on. We always communicate every day. Life wouldn’t be right if there is no communication. How can you get pass through the day without speaking a single word or without communicating with other people? It’s hard right? The way we communicate touches every phase of our lives.

Below are some tips that you can use to become a good communicator and for self-assessment as well.

1. Knowledge

Sharing your knowledge is very important not only for your own inner growth, but also your social growth. Make sure everybody understands what you want to convey to them. Use words or phrases that everyone can comprehend or else it will be misunderstood.

2. Listen

Listening is just as important as talking. It will help us gain more confidence and you may know what’s going on in their mind regarding the topic you are discussing with them. It is also a way to show respect to the speaker.

3. Be humble

Talking in front of many people is a bit difficult. It is normal to feel tense and make mistakes when talking to them; wrong pronunciation of words, speech impediment, etc. Be humble enough to ask your audience to accept this and if you’re are still unsure then you can make it into a joke.

4. Always keep an eye contact

Another way of communicating with other people aside from using speech is through your eyes. Our eyes are the windows of our soul. An effective speaker knows how to keep eye contact with everyone.

5. Humor

It such a great feeling sharing your knowledge to everyone and at the same time make them laugh. It can ease the tension between you and your listeners, or tediousness while you are speaking.

6. Be one of them

Try to reach your audience and be one of them. In that case, you will know everything about them, their perception and their desires.

7. Practice

Practice makes perfect, it’s true! Face a mirror and start talking in front of it, in that way you can observe how well you can deliver, your pitch tone and any incorrect words.

8. Show your smile

A smile can brighten and lighten up everything. It is much better if you smile while you are talking rather than to frown or show a straight face. If that’s the case, I’m sure no one will listen to what you are saying.

9. Learn from others

Everybody has a role model that they look up to and who inspires them. I’m sure you have already listened to a person who’s speech you have found to be an effective one Take some time to think about how well they deliver their message and learn from it.

10. Be prepared

Nothing beats a person that is too prepared on everything. Preparation is a key component to effective communication.

Effective communication skills are very important on reaching other people. Spend time and effort mastering your communication skills and I told you it is worth the effort.