How To Become A Saint And Find Authentic Happiness

The meaning of dreams was distorted by many impostors, but now that the scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung became so clear after my simplifications and the completion of his work, everyone can verify that this is the only method that accurately translates the dream messages, giving us superior knowledge.

The meaning of dreams surpasses our expectations. When we translate our dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation we have truthful information about our mental condition, the future, and many other matters.

The special information found in dreams confirms the existence of God and also the existence of Satan. It explains the meaning of life and the meaning of death, including explaining the formation of mental disorders and how they can be cured.

Now that the satanic origin of our conscience was discovered we must learn how to stop being violent and immoral and attain sanctity in order to stop being mentally ill.

We believe that sanctity is something unpleasant and more than unattainable, but the truth is that sanctity is sound mental health and spiritual perfection. Sanctity is wisdom and goodness.

Therefore, the truth is that only sanctity can help us find authentic happiness.

Now that we can clearly understand the meaning of dreams we can follow a process of transformation through dream translation and attain sanctity in a shorter period of time.

This process is indispensable because our satanic anti-conscience is constantly trying to destroy the human conscience we receive from God in order to fight the absurdity imposed by the demon that lives in our brain.

We are terrible sinners. This is why we commit crimes.

What we believe to be normal is in fact abnormal. Our absurdity is more than vast because we are evil, and evilness generates absurdity.

The information sent by God in our dreams helps us clearly understand the meaning of morality because our mental stability depends on this knowledge.

We must prefer to become wise and sensitive human beings instead of having the behavior of cruel and immoral demons.

What distinguishes rational animals from irrational ones is not their intelligence.

We differ from irrational animals because of our sensitivity, our moral sense, our goodness, our compassion, and our sense of justice.

Cold reasoning is inhuman.

Thoughts without feelings are responsible for the creation of bombs and guns. These thoughts are killing the human race, and also killing all animals and plants. They are blocking our development with their narrow-minded limit. They are ruining the global ecosystem, destroying our planet, and poisoning our spirit.

We must learn how to think based on goodness and wisdom and resolve all problems without causing more problems to the already problematic world.

God shows us in our dreams how we can stop making mistakes and become wise and sensitive human beings, able to find peace, love, and authentic happiness.

We mix good and evil because we are forbidden, but the truth is that we must completely eliminate what is evil from our brain and from the world.

Evilness always is harmful and dangerous.

We must stop believing that we are smart when we are evil. Whenever we are evil we are in fact victims of our satanic anti-conscience.

We must desire to respect God's justice. God's moral rules and His warnings in dreams show us how we must have in order to become perfect human beings.