How to Beat Panic Attacks During Sleep

The feeling creeps up on you from nowhere, one minute you are sound sleep and all of the sudden, boom! A panic attack hits you like a ton of bricks and the fact you are still practically sleeping it is more terrifying than ever and seemingly uncontrollable.

Some things that you can do to calm yourself down during a panic attack is controlling your breathing. Getting a grip on your breathing can play a big part stopping your panic attack quickly. Try and take some deep breaths while focusing on stopping your panic attack. Believe it or not your mental ability to control what is going on with your body regardless of what the problem is your most powerful tool.

With concentration solely on calming down and using deep breaths it should play a big part in getting back to normal quickly.

Another way of stopping your panic attacks from even occurring is changing your lifestyle. These attacks usually occur due to stress in your life and by minimizing the stress you minimize the chance of your attacks from happening. Other changes can be as simple as cutting down coffee, soda or other drinks filled with caffeine and try and get the right amount of sleep every night. While you are sleeping your body is trying to recover from the day, so without the right amount of sleep, which is about 8 hours or so, it will add to your stress level and the fatigue of your body which results in more attacks.