How to Beat Emetophobia

I wanted to talk to you about how to beat emetophobia. This is an irrational fear of vomiting, which seems like an odd condition to have. Most of us would agree that none of us actually want to vomit, so this fear doesn’t really seem like that bad of a condition to have. The real problem with the condition really has nothing to do with vomiting. You have to focus on the irrationality of the fear, which shows a really ugly head that will literally take over a person’s life. This is how the fear really starts to destroy people’s lives. I want to show you how to beat emetophobia.

I’m going to bring you into the daily life of an emetophobia sufferer. These people tend to say at home and work at home if they can. They don’t want to be around strangers. Imaging being out in public, the fear really takes over. The strangers around you could have germs that could make you sick. You could be out in cold weather or rainy weather and have fear that you might catch a cold. Even eating at restaurants can be scary because you don’t know if the food is cooked completely or the kitchen is clean.

I want to show you how to beat emetophobia. You can tell by the previous paragraph that these people really suffer from a control issue. They need to be in control of the people they see, the environment they live, the food they cook, etc. They need to control everything or they might get sick. That type of thinking is anxiety. The only cure is to retrain the brain to recognize that you can’t control everything. The most important thing a person can do is live their life and that is what they have to do even though they can’t control all the variables.