How to Be a Great Kisser


Are you a good kisser, a poor kisser or a fabulous kisser? Has anyone ever told you that you were a good kisser? Well it does take two to make it really good. First kisses are usually awkward, but further exploration of your partner’s abilities may surprise you. Kissing just to kiss is fun, but kissing because you can’t help yourself is what makes kissing so very special.

What is it that makes certain people so very kissable? There are certain things that tend to create the perfect kiss. Before anything else of importance let me say that impeccable hygiene is very important; poor oral care can ruin even the most wonderful kiss. So before you decide that it is time to make your partner crave your kisses….freshen up! Unless you have both just had a big bowl of pasta with garlic, or you’ve both had alcohol…garlic and alcohol literally kill germs in the mouth – so generally it is not offensive. Now on with what really matters…

People with fuller lips are known to be more sensual and better kissers. Full lips are supposed to signify generosity of all kinds. Full lips are also signaling that there is a rich source of love to share. Thick lips and…well you get the idea. Thin lipped people have to be more careful when kissing because they will have to open the edge of their lips before their lips meet their partner’s. This opening will assure that there is softness to the kiss. But those full lipped lovers can create kisses that are varied, quick, long, seductive, and juicy.

It seems that Angelina and Brad, for instance, both have full lips. They are two of the most passionate people on the planet. Women continue to have their lips medically plumped so that they can have lips like Angelina and other beautiful women with full large lips. Some races tend to have larger lips and other attributes. African Americans have beautiful full lips generally, as do many Mediterraneans. You can get a sense for the natural and seductive beauty of screen lovers such as Sophia Loren, Jada Pinket Smith, Rachel Welch, Hale Berry, Selma Hyak, Queen Latiffa, Penelope Cruz, and Jessica Simpson are samples of luscious lipped women. Actors with full lips include Brad Pitt, Ashton Kusher, Will Smith, James Dean,Denzel Washington, Rob Lowe, Keenu Reeves, and Paul Newman.

You might have a thin top lip and a fuller bottom lip. As long as one of the partners has fuller lips, kissing can really be an outstanding experiences. Now, this is not to say that thin lipped people, or those with average lips cannot be awesome kissers, I’m just saying that they will have to work a little harder. Thinner lips can really be exciting on different body parts.

French kissing your partner will take intimacy to a whole new level. When people use their tongues during kissing they are actually having sex. You don’t believe me do you? Well, it is true. French kissing sends signals to the brain that there is a sexual act in the making because someone has entered your body, or you are entering someone’s body. This intimate act of kissing must be avoided at all costs if you wish to keep lovemaking or sex out of the picture. French kissing can quickly raise the “heat” of the moment.

Try kissing without your tongue. Just kiss your lover’s hands, cheek, chest, ears, forehead. And then lightly kiss his/her lips, very gently at first. A gentle kiss can be very erotic. Taking a very slow approach to a kiss is also a great idea. Make your partner want the kiss before it happens, don’t just kiss quickly. Although a quick surprise on the back of the neck or the ear from behind when least expected is exciting, save those surprises while learning how to kiss someone so that they crave more.

Kissing while sitting is different than kissing while standing or lying down. Where you place your hands while kissing is also important. If you just kissed your partner and didn’t even touch any other body part the kiss would feel nearly empty and cold. But place just one finger under his or her chin, or put your arms around he or she and hold them for a moment while you look into each other’s eyes so that you get the connection first. Tilt your head slightly and steadily lean in. Try kissing very lightly several times, pull away, breathe. If you are sitting try standing, change position. If your partner takes the lead just go with it, then come back to investigate other places that appeal.

Kissing in a car is always fun because it brings back memories of times when first kisses were really special. You can’t do much other than kiss in a car so kissing while watching the sunset, the surf, or the night sky in a car is always good. So many couples never kiss body parts other than lips–that’s just a pure waste. When you look at your lover and admire he or she, what part of their body thrills you? Eyes,neck,ears,top of the breast near the clavical, man’s chest, hands, cheeks…? Kissing should include more than the lips and I’m not talking about bedroom kissing here.

Kissing is definitely a mental act as well as a physical act. Where does your mind go when you are kissing your lover? Have you ever noticed that you are turned on by a certain type of kiss in a certain place? Surrendering to a kiss is as important as being the one approaching. Sometimes people have poor images of their body parts and do not want to draw attention to them, however, your partner may love your quirky chin, or ears, or forehead, and be drawn to just those spots because he or she adores the core of you. Allowing kisses even for a fleeting moment can send messages to the brain that you are okay – that you are attractive. Once you feel attractive your partner will sense your pleasure and then the kissing continues.

Have you ever kissed your lover just out of a shower? He or she is wet and the sensation of kissing a wet body part is certainly different and can be a real turn on for some people. Have you ever kissed your lover while cooking in the kitchen, or doing some average household chore? Have you ever played a kissing game- one where the lights are off and you are both unclothed? You take turns kissing a body part until you find a new spot that thrills your partner. Have you ever massaged your sweetheart with fragrant oils and kissed his or her back? You get the idea here – mix things up and be creative. I love to see people kissing when they are out – I’m not talking about really making out in public – I’m talking about a genuine kiss when inspired no matter where you are.

Here are some things to remember when learning to be a fabulous kisser:

1. Relax – think about nothing else but a gentle kiss on your partner’s lips. Stand face to face and pull her/him toward you as if you were confident and look into his/her eyes as you move forward. Touch your lips and simply kiss gently then pull away. Look again in his/her eyes and see how they are responding. Kiss his/her neck on the next attempt, again watch for a response.

2. Girls, it is always nice to have a lip gloss that tastes good on your lips.Actually more guys are wearing lip glosses and chapstick today. Whatever can soften your lips and cause a “slide” when you kiss is always good. I know in Italy women rub olive oil all over their bodies to keep them moist and supple – so be creative, it doesn’t have to be store bought. You can use things from your kitchen like the inner part of a banana, kiwi, avocado, or a melon. There are natural oils in most every plant. Coconut and almond oils are also good.

3. I know that a lot of people enjoy kissing “cold” lips, ones that have just downed an icy drink. In fact, cool lips can become very warm quickly when kissing begins. Try just kissing his/her forehead first – then cheek, then ear, then the lips. Move from there if you dare.

4. Kiss your lover while you breathe them in. That’s right, you are literally experiencing the depth of your partner and you adore them. Once you feel that your partner is ready for a more passionate kiss – gentle touch the tip of your tongue to his or hers while your mouth is slightly open. See if they respond. Do not shove your tongue down your partner’s throat – save that for the full enchilada.

5. When you kiss your partner – mean it – don’t just kiss expecting there to be more. What if kissing was all you were to share? Make the kisses meaningful. Now say something to your partner. What? Express the feelings you are having that moment. “You turn me on with your eyes.” “I love your smile” “You make me hot” “I have a hard time staying away from you” “Don’t tell me to stop” “Your kisses drive me crazy” you get the idea…

6. Try holding your lover from the back and kissing their neck, Lean over the couch from behind and kiss your lover on the cheek. Slide over and lay in his/her lap and hold each other while you kiss right there.

7. Kiss when your partner “moves” you. That could be he or she just made the bed and you appreciate it, Or he/she cooked a marvelous dinner and you appreciate the effort. Or he/she just took the kids to soccer and gave you a break. Kiss for thank yous, for I love yous, for can I have you now, and for any reason that thrills you.

8. Vary your kisses and keep them interesting.

9. Kiss your partner from the depth of your soul when you want to make a lasting impression. Your lover will know an empty kiss, from a “will you do me a favor kiss” to an “I want you” kiss, or an “I love you kiss.” Make it appropriate for the moments you have and fall in love with kissing again like you did when you were a teenager.

10. Keep practicing. Watch movies with your lover and see what turns them on then try those things. Before you know it you will be thrilling your partner and yourself with your talent because it will become truly an expression of passion if you are in love.

So, happy kissing and best wishes for sexier moments than you can imagine!