How to Avoid Overwhelm Paralysis – 7 Ways That Work For Me and Can For You Too!

It is a known fact that overwhelm is the number one cause of stress for solo entrepreneurs. You add in a family, kids and working from your home and the stress just compounds. I suffered from overwhelm paralysis too. There are days that I still do but I have 7 ways that I combat it. They actually work. The key is to implement them consistently. So the next time you are fighting overwhelm, try the following ideas.

  1. Create a relaxing morning routine. Don’t just jump out of bed and start working. It is best to ease into it. Now I am not saying lounge around until noon. I want you to exercise, eat breakfast, read something inspirational, meditate, whatever makes you feel good before you dare turn on the computer.
  2. Turn off your email when you are working on big projects. If you ever plan on getting anything accomplished, do yourself a favor and shut down your email in-box. I know how tempting it is to check for new messages. This will not help you stay focused.
  3. Turn the ringer off your cell phone during working hours. It is totally acceptable to return phone calls after your set business hours or during a designated time during the day. After all, you are running a business. Work needs to get done first and those who need something from you or just want to talk, like family and friends, can wait.
  4. Take some of your work and get out of the house. This will definitely help you with your energy. I have found that staring at a computer screen all day can be a bit draining. So go to your local coffee shop, diner or wherever would be suitable and absorb the presence of other people. It is a surefire way to stoke your creativity.
  5. Set a timer for internet or email time. If you don’t consciously put a limit on your time surfing the web, it can literally waste hours of your day.This is not productive so be strict with yourself.
  6. Cancel all your subscriptions you don’t read. This will eliminate a crazy email in-box and will free up some extra time you could be doing something more constructive with. Of course, keep all those newsletter and such that you find valuable.
  7. Create No Computer Time Zone. It is extremely important that you have boundaries around your business. You do not have to be working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Make time where your computer is off and do something fun with your family, for yourself or with friends. The good news is the work isn’t going anywhere and it will be waiting for you tomorrow.