How to Avoid Heartburn – 5 Steps You Can Do to Prevent Acid Reflux

If you have been suffering experiencing heartburn on a regular basis, chances are you are eating foods that are not right for you and engaging in activities that worsen your situation. Though it might just be considered as just a “heartburn”, you should be informed that overtime, it can develop into a more serious condition called GERD or acid reflux disease. If you have very mild symptoms of this disorder, you can still reverse it through proper diet and lifestyle modifications. It is never too late to be healthy, there is always a room to take care of your body and do what is needed to bring it back to its pristine condition. Here are some suggestions.

1. Eat smaller frequent meals instead of three big ones. Small meals do not bring pressure to the stomach and digestion is easier.

2. Avoid foods and beverages that can stimulate acid. These are

  • citrus fruits and juices like lemon and lime
  • spicy dishes like Italian and Indian
  • Chocolates and peppermints
  • tomatoes and tomato based products
  • carbonated drinks such as cola
  • caffeinated drinks such as tea and coffee
  • alcoholic drinks like beer, wine, rhum etc.

3. Avoid midnight snack and try to eat at least three hours before bedtime. The reason for this is that lying down right after eating puts the esophagus and stomach on the same level thereby making it easier for the acid to reflux back.

4. Avoid activities that can bring pressure to the abdominal area right after eating. These includes bending over, lying down immediately and doing strenuous exercises.When sleeping, elevating the head of your bed to prevent the content of the stomach from traveling back into the esophagus can also help. You can use a special wedge pillow for this purpose. It is also advisable sleeping on your left side. Facing on your right can actually cause more pain.

5. Wear a comfortable and loose fitting clothes when sleeping. Tight clothing especially around the stomach and waist area can again, encourage acid from refluxing back into the esophagus.