How to Attract Cancer Women – 10 Proven Steps

If you want to learn how to attract cancer women, you must simply consider the personality traits assigned to them by Astrologists. Cancer women are not easy women to attract for a number of reasons. After reading the short paragraphs that follow, however, you should easily be able to attract Cancer women.


Invite your cancer woman for a home-cooked meal at your home. Encourage her to relax and consider your home her home too. Cancer women love the home and comforts of home. Ensure that you make the occasion relaxed and informal. Have the television volume on low; leave a book and some magazines scattered over the coffee table; bring her a drink of her choice to enjoy as she relaxes in the sofa, awaiting dinner. Make her feel at home.


Cancer women abhor silliness and excess; by nature, they are conservative. Adopt a similar conservative attitude yourself. Dress appropriately for occasions, be honest and do not boast, act responsibly and maturely, do not be afraid to discuss work and your career-ambitions.

Maternal Instincts

You will need to display an honest fondness for children and a wish to have some of your own in the future. If you have siblings, do not talk negatively about them; speak only positively and show how much you love them.

Caring And Loving

Cancer women are highly suited to volunteer work or careers where they help people. You should try to display similar tendencies. It is not merely enough to love and care for your parents and siblings; you must adopt a similar attitude for all mankind. A dating idea that will attract a cancer woman is to spend a day helping local missionaries or volunteering at the local homeless shelter.


You will find cancer women to have a generous attitude. If you see a homeless person in the street, be sure to give them some change. Likewise, if the conversation turns to charities, mention some to whom you have recently donated. Generosity of spirit can also be displayed by opening doors for strangers, allowing others to be the center of attention, laughing and poor jokes, making people around you feel good about themselves.


Always have several backup ideas when taking a Cancer woman on a date. Her moods will fluctuate so you should be forever vigilant and responsive. If she becomes bored, suggest something new. Likewise, when her moods change, respond appropriately. A cancer woman will keep you on your toes. Learn to be a chameleon and respond positively to each change in your date.


The moody attitude of Cancer women can be problematic. Eventually, you will learn to anticipate and avoid her moods. However, initially, you should simply mirror them. If something upsets her, then let it upset you too. If you share her moods, then you are a happy unit; disagree and you create unhappy conflict and a potentially disastrous date.


Once a Cancer woman feels emotionally attached to you, she will begin to cling. This manifests itself in wanting to spend every waking minute with you, moving in together, calling you at odd times throughout the day. It can also lead to paranoia and jealousy. The easiest way to combat this, should you wish to, is to firmly establish boundaries from the outset. You must indicate when you are available for her.


Try to keep an upbeat attitude. Cancer women have a tendency for depressive attitudes. When you go out on a date remember to keep thinks light and fun.

Sensitive And Easily Flattered

You should take time to compliment Cancer women. They love and respond positively to flattery and generosity. Compliment her on her looks, her attire, her attitude and anything else that comes to mind. She will warm to you quickly.

You should now know how to attract cancer women. You need to have an upbeat yet conservative attitude to life, harbor a love of children and a desire to procreate, be generous of spirit and quick to compliment, and always have several alternative ideas for a fun date. It can be difficult to attract a Cancer woman but, commit the above ten tips to memory, and you should find it easier than most other men!