How to Arrest Stuttering in Young Children

Stuttering in kids is usually hard to notice, especially for children within the age of 2 and 5 years. At this stage, the kid experiences different patterns of speech; it is also within this stage that developmental stuttering begins. The challenge is that it is hard to notice as kids are seen as still amateur to speak fluently. However, you need to put up some measures to be sure he is not having a developmental stuttering! If it turns out to be that the child is having a developmental stuttering, do not panic or be in a haste to take him to a therapist; try some of the tips in this article to see if the child will outgrow it. When you have tried your best and it persists, you can then invite a professional to take over. Let’s get through the tips!

• Get the Child Some Talking and Singing Toys

At this point there is no need to panic; just start the training process by getting the child some talking and singing toys to play with. When you get these toys, try to make him play with them and also try to make him talk or echo sounds coming out from the toys. The idea is that the kid will want to mimic the toys as they talk and this will help to increase his urge of wanting to speak. Make this a habit; it will be an advantage for the child.

• Register the Child with a Trusted Kids Forum or Network

You can also extend the training by registering the child with a trusted kids forum or network. This step is suggesting the avoidance of kid isolation. One of the major factors that increase stuttering tendencies in kids is their inability to socialize with other children from their tender age. Apart from enrolling the child into a school, you can also go further by exposing him to other kids where he can feel free to play and run around; this step will help to sharpen the child’s mind and thinking. Do not allow your child to stay alone or in doors more often except for hours that requires him to sleep. The child will develop the urge to speak when he plays or moves around with other children. Remember, isolation as factor plays a major role in the lives of children, break this factor while he is still tender and you will see him grow to become a public speaker!

• Teach Him to Sing

In addition to what your child will learn, you can also use your spare time to teach him how to sing. Singing is a mystery attached to stuttering that when a stutterer sings, talks to himself or reads aloud, he tends to do it fluently without any break in words or speech disorder. Teaching your child how to sing from his tender age will help him build or develop-self confidence which he will use to stand the odds of life and even his prevailing speech challenges.

Okay! Now is the time to act. You have tried all the techniques and his stutter is still at large, you can now hire or take him to a professional speech therapist. However, make sure the speech therapist is knowledgeable and understands what it takes to control and manage stuttering.