How to Apply Nail Foils


Ever look at celebrity nails, such as Lady Ga Ga and Jessie James, and wonder how they got those detailed nail patterns. The new craze for celebrities and beauty followers are foil nails. You do not need to have a nail artist to create these looks. Read on to find out how to create the look for under £ 5 yourself.

Do you want to know how to create nails like celebrities? I will explain how with nail foil art. Trendy nail wraps are the new craze and let me explain to you why. The professional detail that is created is amazing. Foil for nails create the ultimate designs, once you apply these for the first time you will be very proud of your own creative work.

Steps 1 – Clean your hands and nails and make sure that they are free from dirt and oils. Use an oil free nail polish remover to cleanse the nails. This will create a good clean base for applying the nail foils.

Steps 2 – The stickers will come in around nine different sizes. The best way to size them is to trim each sticker to the same size and shape as the nail cuticle, keep the nail tip longer as this can be trimmed and filed after nail application.

Steps 3 – Peal the sticker of and hold with tweezers. Hold under a hot lamp to heat the sticker as this will give best results with the Foil pressing application. This is a straight forward process, take your time applying the foil stickers and they will look professionally done.

Step 4 – Hold over the nail and stick down with finger. Best results are to stick in the middle and push out towards the edges. Once you're happy fold the excess nail foils at the nail tips and gently file off the reminder of the foils. Repeat the process on each nail for a professional looking full set of nails.

Step 5 – Apply a clear nail coating to give a finish to the foils. This will make the foils stay on longer and will give a nice dry nail effect on top. The nails will look as if a professional artist has painted the pattern herself.

Step 6 – The same process can be used on your toe nails. Cut to the shape and apply to give you a matching set of full toe nails with foil art.