How Those With Egg Allergies Can Avoid Harmful Foods

For those with egg allergies, trying to avoid foods that can adversely affect you can be extremely difficult.

If you perform most of your own cooking and create you own meals, you can have a nutritionist create a meal plan for you that limits the use of egg products and egg ingredients that may cause an allergic attack. Working with a dietician will also be good in that it focuses on making sure that you have enough of the daily percentages of nutrients that strengthen your immune system.

If you go out to eat restaurants, take the initiative in letting the waiter know that you have an egg allergy. She will likely be able to point out foods that don’t have eggs. If egg is not an essential component of the dish, and you really want the dish, see if she can have the chef prepare a version of the food without eggs.

It’s very important that you have no fear about letting the waiters and waitresses know of your allergies. They want you to return and most will be more than happy to honor your requests.

Whenever you buy baked goods, remember that a lot of baked goods have egg white powder as one of the ingredients. For those with an egg allergy, this can affect you just as much as eating the egg whites from real eggs. Since cooking destroys some of the allergens, you may have different reactions from different recipes because of the different cooking times.

Furthermore, pre-packaged recipes may contain egg whites alone, egg yolks alone, or both. This is an additional thing that causes a bit of confusion because most of the proteins causing the egg allergy are actually in the egg white. So you have to know what was used in the recipe to guess as to how it will affect you.

Such a large percentage of the pre-packaged foods that you find in grocery stores these days have egg ingredients that it is just about impossible to stay away from them completely. Thankfully, however, when eggs are cooked, a significant part of the allergy inducing proteins are modified in the process making them less harmful to you. How eggs affect you are mainly determined by three factors – how sensitive to eggs you are, the amount of egg white in the food product, and the amount of heat or cooking that has been applied to the food. That’s why you should be especially careful of eating raw eggs.

Because of the food label laws in this country, it has become a lot easier to determine if a food contains egg or egg products. The laws force manufacturers to list the ingredients on the label. So, if a food does contain egg – you’ll probably see something like “contains egg ingredients” on the label.

Unfortunately, you will still find that many stores carry foods that are prepared in foreign countries that do not require that the ingredients be listed, so you should be especially careful of eating pre-packaged foods that don’t list the ingredients.