How The Stammerers Conquered Their World

Last night I watched an incredible program in which lifetime stammerers were helped to overcome their speech impediments, accept occasional difficulty and turn their life around.

They had access to 1 to 1 coaches, who had all previously been stammerers before they retrained. Thereafter they had an insight into the suffering of stammerers , they understood the embarrassment and the frustration and were able to support and encourage the new students.

The students ranged from school children to young women and middle-aged men. Initially they could not even say their own names.

The students came to the school for an intensive 52 hour training which was crammed into 4 days. They all learnt to say their names, speak on the phone and even speak in public to a crowd. Something many of us would find difficult, all this success in 4 days.

At the end were shots of the students on returning to their homes and how their new found freedom of speech was giving them confidence in many areas of their lives.

One girl's aim for talking the course was because her boy friend had proposed to her and she wanted to be able to say her vows. They were able to book the wedding on her return home she was delighted. She also wanted to grow her wedding photography business but had a friend to do the talking, she could now do it all herself.

The school boys became more confident feeling on par with their peers, the pharmacist could speak on the phone, in fact they were all deligned with their progress.

Seeing how confident the stammerers became after they had been taught that they were all capable of changing their lives, and to a great extent that it was their lack of belief in them and their abilities that was holding them back. Once they overcame their fears they achieved wonders.

How many people to you know or have heard of, who have with faith, cured cancer and other infirmies.

This made me think of something I had once read saying that the average person only uses 10% of their mental capacity. Think what could have achieved if we believed we could, and we set out with a positive intention of achieving new things. Most of us are too comfortable remaining in our comfort zone and treat fear of the unknown as best avoided.

If you accept the sky as the limit this year could be an amazing adventure. You could learn a language, play a musical instrument, study a new course, change your job, begin a new career of even set up a new business.

What will your 2018 adventure be?