How The Fast Phobia Cure Works

A phobia is a fear or worry about a certain occurrence. The occurrence can either be a situation or a living thing e.g some people fear climbing very high up either with a ladder or stairs and this is called acrophobia while at the same time other fear certain insects e.g spiders and this is called arachnophobia. One realizes that all these scientific terms referring to different types of worries end up with the word phobia which simply shows that they are fears. One of the funny things about having a phobia is that sometimes, the individual may really believe in their fears resulting in injury or health threatening situations that could otherwise have been avoided.

One of the best examples about such an occurrence is the belief that darkness will kill somebody by suffocating them to death. This form of phobia is called nyctophobia and it may result in heart attacks or irrational behavior when it’s night time. On the other hand, some phobias bring about unhealthy living conditions e.g aquaphobia. A person having aquaphobia fears coming close to water and this becomes a problem when it’s time to take a shower. Some of these people end up being dirty or smelly most of the time unless forced to take a shower every now and then. But whichever the case, a treatment for the different types of phobias is necessary and which better way to do so than by the use of fast phobia cure.

Fast phobia cure does what the name implies, helping people suffering from different types of phobia to overcome them, whether they are genetically passed or from their past experience. It is also known as a ten minute phobia cure because it takes effect an estimated ten minutes.

Steps Taken In The Fast Phobia Cure

The whole structure behind fast phobia cure is a sort of a rewinding experience. This rewinding experience entails the individual having a phobia being made to imagine that particular phobia that makes the hair on their skin stand and cold chill run down their spine then rewind the entire experience.

A good example would be acrophobia which is the fear of height. The individual is made to visualize the phobia in their brain in this case being on a very tall building. They are taught to visualize it in a sort of a cinema setting where there is a tall building on the cinema screen and they are watching it from the seats. They are made to visualize themselves on top of the building in a manner that they are watching themselves from the very same seats being on top of the building and this is where the pulse rate starts to increase as well as sweating.

They are made to look down so as to see how high up there are then just when they are about to react, they are made to rewind and see it as something very small and harmless. This is partly how fast phobia cure works. It’s carried out several times but in the end, the person comes out freed.