How Stuttering Can Make You a Better Speaker-Presenter

Believe it or not, people who have stuttered / stammered can become better than average speakers. You ask, "How is this possible?"

People with this type of speech impediment who are highly motivated to stop stuttering are prime candidates for becoming excellent speakers. There are a few key reasons I believe and have proven that this is true. First, here is a small list of contemporary famous people who either stutter or stuttered:

1. Samuel L. Jackson – Actor

2. Bruce Willis – Actor

3. James Earl Jones – Actor

4. Bill Withers – Songwriter and Singer

5. Bo Jackson – Football star

6. Senator, Now Vice President (USA) Joe Biden

7. Rowan Atkinson – British actor who plays Mr. Bean

Obviously, those people, despite their stutter have gone on to do incredible work, which has required them to master the art of speaking.

Second, people who stutter / stammer have a heightened awareness of speech and themselves. They are quick thinkers and capable of manipulating words to their benefit because they've had to, when they needed to communicate. A sharp mind is required to quickly pick and choose words and phrases, and anticipate situations when they were about to stutter. The beauty of this is, this same ability and skill can be transformed from avoiding stuttering to outstanding speech.

Finally, a person who stutters has the capability to learn how to control his or her breathing, rhythm, and tone, voice quality to a high degree because they tend to be very conscious of these factors as a stutterer.

They are also capable of creating and delivering great presentations without notes because they often do not like to read in public. Reading requires one to say certain words, in a certain order. If any of those words present a problem, the reader either has to struggle with the word or phrase, skip it or make up another word that works.

Friends, I personally used the above concept to teach myself how to create long and short, broad and very detailed presentations completely in my head. I could then deliver these presentations as if I had a detailed set of notes in front of me. Sometimes I would have only a few brief notes in outline format to refresh my memory, but I usually did not need them.

If you stutter or stammer you are sitting on a goldmine. You have the potential to become an excellent speaker, even a great speaker. You can be one of the best conversationalists around. Post why? It's simple; you have developed certain coping characteristics, abilities and skills that give you an extraordinary edge and speaking ability.