How Prostate Cancer Becomes Lethal

How did prostate cancers become so lethal? By doing nothing.

Prostate cancer takes up to 20 years to develop into metastatic cancer, which also happens to be the cause of death in 90% of people who develop prostate cancer. Hopefully, modern medicine has found a cure for prostate cancer, but only if it is found early. Which could be a problem, especially since the cancer symptoms are only present at the advanced stage of the cancer development. A regular check up every year when you pass forty will do the trick. The doctor will test your prostate serum antigen level in your blood, have a prostate probe and if the two first tests are positive, he will do a biopsy. But why bother, if there is no smoke, there are probably no fires. Anyway it is your life you playing with. I know, I am being a little sarcastic here, but ignoring it won’t make it go away.

Take action, because your body is fighting for you, but has a greater chance to win only if you help him along the way. Studies report, that causes for growth in cancer are dependent on angiogenesis, which is the build of new blood vessels sprouting from preexisting one. This process is responsible for bringing nutrients to the growing tumor. Your body fights cancer by controlling the environment around the cancer cells. This environment is composed of extracellular matrix, a complex structure comprising of different proteins which are crucial in evolution of multicellular organisms and also influences cell behavior. Some of these proteins are identified to be against angiogenesis and against cancer proliferation, which then acts as a prison cell around the tumor. However, these cancer prison walls are remodeled by the cancer cells during tumor growth and generates new signals, particularly at blood vessels cells. With time, all the cancer prison proteins are eliminated by the tumor cells and there is not barrier or walls left to protect you. Cancer cells can spread at will to other parts in your body: bone, gust, you name it. Then, it will experiment cancer pain which is not really pleasant.

It’s important to see your doctor on a regular base when you are past the age of 40. But more important, you can make action right now by adding special food to your daily diet.

Did you know that there are foods you can eat to prevent cancer?