How NOT to Treat Acne During Pregnancy


If a particular drug causes side effect during treatment, it simply means that the drug creates other diseases or problems in the body. Such drug cannot be assumed as helpful to the body. That is the kind of dilemma that you can face when taking medications during pregnancy.

One of the widely and most popular medications used in the treatment of acne are those that contain Isotretinoin. This is because Isotretinoin is adjudged to be effective against any severe form of acne. Such drugs belong to a class of Retinoid derived from vitamin A. The medication gives favorable result on acne. But then, certain side effects cannot be overlooked even though it is highly effective and capable of producing good result on acne. It should NOT be given to pregnant women. This is because those kind of drugs cause birth defects of developing fetus. Contact your doctor if you are pregnant, married or you are of child bearing age if the drug is prescribed to you.

The side effects of Isotretinoin far outweigh its advantages for pregnant women. The side effects are horrible. You are still better without the burden of a child with birth defects. Pregnant women are advice to stay clear of Isotretinion drugs. Other side effects that it causes are skin itching, thinning of hair, dry skin, red itchy eyes, dry mouth, dry lips and nose. You may even face affliction of the liver, vomiting, depression, nauseating, anxiety and blood streams affliction.

As a woman, before you begin treatment with this drug, you need to go for a pregnancy test. If you are pregnant you need to let the doctor know if you wish to breast feed after child bearing. And if you are not yet pregnant you need to tell the doctor if you plan become pregnant in the near future. Normally, the advice is to take birth control pill before pregnancy and after you stop the administration of the medication for at least one month. Always consult your doctor before and after the use of the drug.

Hormonal imbalances are welcome development during pregnancy which may bring about acne outburst. During the first three month of pregnancy you may have severe acne attack even though you have the best skin. As the pregnancy advances in months, the skin clears itself of acne.

It is better to avoid oral medications which are not duly recommended by a doctor in order to protect the growing fetus within you from any form of harms. Avoid taking risk in your delicate condition. If you must take Isotretinion, there are several things you are expected and NOT expected to do which you need to take absolute care of in consultation with your doctor.