How "Mute This Ad" Can Benefit Publishers


The gaining popularity of Ad blockers has triggered a sudden alarm for publishers when they noticed that it has gained an immense acceleration in 2015 by 70% in just six years since it was launched. This has been acting as a major threat for publishers as these advertisements are the only sources of revenue for them because of which they are able provide us with the free content. There are several softwares available till date for blocking ads. These software confines all those unwanted ads popping around as soon as you open the desired web page. You may limit criterion on what kind of ads you want to be displayed and stop others.

It feels good from users’ point-of-view. After all, this will result in getting rid of annoying unwanted ads and large animated ads causing a burden on the CPU. This also gives better internet speed decreasing loading time. But every coin has two sides.

If Ad blockers are impacting publishers, definitely they will have to find their way through it. If they can’t earn through these advertisements, we give them no choice rather than to charge the user for the content which was available for free till now. Imagine paying for content of every site we go through. Will it be feasible?

Another measure which big firms have adopted regarding this problem is that they are paying fees to whitelist their ads to ad-blocking companies. Firms are also trying to solve this issue by displaying the alternate ad, advertisements which haven’t been blocked by the user using the software whatever is the solution, looking at the whole big picture, though it is immensely impacting publishers, but eventually users can’t deny that they will also not remain untouched with the impact of this race.

In such situation, ‘Mute This Ad‘ seems to be the workable solution. The small “x” placed at the right corner of the ad not only close the ad but also unable this ad to be displayed again by acknowledging the marketer about your uninterest regarding the Ad. This is not just a good solution for users but for brands too where on other hand users may opt among ads of products and brands they find interested avoiding undesirable one’s, marketers may also get rid of sending surplus messages giving them more closer pace for desired buyers. This also means that publisher will keep on earning their revenue from the advertisers eventually providing us with the free content we have been using till now but with bonus of much less botheration of pestering ads.