How Music Therapy Can Help Child With Cerebral Palsy?

Many parents whose child has been diagnosed with having cerebral palsy will wonder how music and dance is going to help their child manage their disability. What these parents forget is that people are known to respond positively to music. Music is a wonderful therapeutic tool, which can be used by those who are unable to express themselves while they communicate. Children with cerebral palsy often find it difficult to talk and thus express themselves with clarity. Their speech is muffled. This happens because the tongue and throat muscles are affected due to the disability.

When music therapy is incorporated in the treatment of cerebral palsy, these patients are better able to deal with their disability over a period. A good music therapist will help the child to understand himself or herself much better and come to terms with their problems.

When music is used as a therapy, it helps to restore confidence, mental and emotional well being in the child with cerebral palsy. When children are taught to sing they can improve their communication and speech skills through better breath control, vocalization, rhythm and so on. If these children are taught to handle music instruments then they can achieve better muscle coordination, balance and strength. Music also helps them in their social skills by making them feel important and it helps boost up their confidence and self-esteem.

Many patients who are taught music find that they are able to distract their minds away from the pain and discomfort they experience. It also helps to relax them by causing the muscles and nerves to become stress free.

Research has established that music has a healing and soothing effect o the right side of the brain and is especially useful in children who are slow learners. In children affected by cerebral palsy, most of the limb movements are not in coordination. Their muscles refuse to move in tandem and this makes it difficult for them to move around anywhere. As they grow up they go into depression as their self-confidence and self-esteem is at the lowest. Music therapy helps to elevate their moods and gives them self-confidence.

Music therapists can be found either with the help of your physician or through the internet. You can even place an advertisement in your local newspaper for a music therapist for your child. You can talk to family and friends and find out if they personally know of any music therapist who will be able to help your child who is suffering from cerebral palsy.

Initially, a child with cerebral palsy may offer some resistance to learning music but the music therapist will surely find ways in which they are able to engage the mind of your child. Soon you will find that your child is responding well to music and there will be marked improvement in their muscle coordination and even marked improvement in the speaking skills. Music therapy is one of the alternative treatments used for treating patients who are known to be suffering from cerebral palsy.