How Minoxidil Can Help Hair Growth

Minoxidil is a popular hair growth treatment because of its continued success rate among bald men and women. The chemical is applied to the scalp twice a day and will help hair follicles produce hair again. Minoxidil was originally developed to reduce blood pressure, but one of the side effects was hair growth. While not effective in all men, many have had success.

Available without prescription, it is available online and in drugstores and health stores. This drug should only be used for a few months unless there is new hair growth present. If you do not experience hair growth, then you should visit your doctor so that a new treatment can be found.

Minoxidil helps the blood circulate to the scalp which will help promote new hair growth. You should not used more than the specified amount of minoxidil on your scalp. Using extra will not cause hair to grow any faster. If your scalp is damaged due to irritation or sunburn, you should not use the product until it has cleared up. If ingested, you should contact your doctor or poison control center right away.

When used correctly, Minoxidil has been proven to grow hair in 25% of the men and women who have used it. There is a men version and a women's version of the product. Using minoxidil is very easy. You should wash your hands after each use. Growing new hair is possible with the help of treatments that have been proven to work.