How Massage Therapy Helps With The Various Systems Of The Body


Massage therapy can be beneficial and enhance health for so many systems of the body. The lymphatic system carries cellular waste away from the tissues so when doing massage it helps to stimulate the movement of the lymph so the massage ends up being detoxifying.

The other system of the body massage helps with the respiratory system. Being massaged is quite relaxing and when the body is relaxed that results in slower, deeper more synchronized breathing which oxygenates the tissues more thoroughly. When the tissues are oxygenated more fully that leads to vitality, rejuvenation and optimal health.

The next system of the body that massage benefits is the skeletal system. When the muscles are tight and out of balance the tissues start to constrict movement patterns. This in turn causes the skeletal system including the spine to have unfunctional movement patterns. These unhealthy movement patterns can lead to injury and chronic pain. By massaging tightness and constriction out this can then lead to less constriction and structural alignment.

Another system that massaging can help with is the reproductive system. When there is constriction and tightness that can impede the normal flow of hormones. Being stressed out can also affect fertility and close up the flow of blood and lymphatic tissue which can lead to infertility. When you go to a massage therapist they help with circulation and helping hormones and tissues soften which eases tightness and constriction which can aid in reproductive health.

The endocrine system is also aided by regular massage. This helps to aid in the thyroid functional at an optimal level. When the thyroid is not working properly that can lead to weight gain, exhaustion and feeling lethargic all the time. Often people turn to medication to regulate their endocrine system but getting regular massage can regulate thyroid levels so that they can distribute the proper amount of hormones.

The nervous system is greatly affected by this kind of deep muscle therapy. When the central nervous system is on a high state of alert that can lead to abnormal levels of cortisol and other stress hormones which can lead to insomnia, ulcers, heart conditions and other emotional and physical conditions. When the central nervous system is relieved by deep tissue strokes this can be very calming and lead to a deaf sense of calm and well-being. Being more at peace can then help the reproductive, lymphatic, respiratory and digestive system.