How Male Breast Growth Impact the Lives of Men – Are You Affected?


As of now, hundreds of men's lives are changed due to male breast growth or gynecomastia. The changes were due to emotional, physical, social, and health impact of male breast growth. Physical impact is the most obvious. The breasts of a man with this condition have puffy nipples with small lump underneath. This often happens on a teenage boy.

If the physical change did not revert, men with small breasts will develop low self-esteem and self-confidence. Those bothered by male breast growth will try to stay away from pools and other places that require men to take off their shirt.

At this rate, the impact of male breast growth has already increased. One breasts with lump and puffy nipple can already disturb the mind of a man. To hide their body, they would purchase and wear thicker clothes. Alternatively, they would use compression garment.

Due to the protruding breasts, men with gynecomastia are usually ridiculed and called homosexual by their schoolmates and neighbors. Their typical reaction is then to avoid their peers. Fortunately, some of these men will meet up and often live on. In most cases, they would even get married. Regrettably, the insecure lingers.

Psychosocial discomfort also stays in married men with gynecomastia. In front of their wives, they still can not force themselves to take off their clothes. Their discomfort can not easily be lessened even with comforting words from their wives' mouth. In extreme cases, they still feel worthless and despised.

The emotional impact of male breast growth will lead to health problems. One of them is obesity, a deadly disease that carries lots of health problems. Men with protruding breasts are usually big and overweight. They do this intentionally to hide their breasts with their big tummy and fatty body.

These men also feel constant fear of developing breast cancer. Without enough knowledge of gynecomastia, some men think that the lump is a tumor. In turn, these men financially status is also affected due to constant medical checkup.

Male breast growth is a normal body condition. However, medical help is still highly encouraged due to its emotional and social impact. This condition can be removed through medication or surgery and if it already dominates a man's life, it is wise to seek medical attention immediately.