How Long Does Sciatic Nerve Pain Last?

Many people who suffer from sciatica ask themselves, “How long does sciatic nerve pain last?” Most of them hope it will just go away. Luckily for some people sciatica does just that. It will literally leave by itself over time. In other cases sciatica just doesn’t seem to go away that easily. If you are one of the many people who asks yourself this question time and time again then you have come to the right place.

*First – Let’s talk about the few lucky ones who don’t have as much trouble from sciatica. These are the people that have sciatic nerve pain for a few weeks, maybe even a few months and eventually it just goes away.

*Now – Let’s go to the other side of things. There are some people who suffer for years. I have personally met someone who has actually been suffering from sciatica for 14 years. Can you believe that? I don’t know how he put up with it for so long.

So How Long Does Sciatic Nerve Pain last?

Well the only honest answer to this question is that it depends on the person and what caused the sciatica in the first place. Like I said, for some people sciatic nerve pain may only last a few weeks. In others its safe to say sciatic nerve pain can last for years and maybe even a lifetime. If you have been suffering from sciatica for a period exceeding 6 months then it is safe to say that its time to take action. Although this condition can last for years, if you take the right action you can end your suffering before you have to go through the years of pain.