How Long Does Pleurisy Last and How to Shorten it

If you want to know how long does pleurisy last, then you may be disappointed with this reply. Because it all depends on you, not the condition, the disease label.

You have pleurisy in the first place because you have a compromised immune system. So the duration of pleurisy, or any health condition, depends entirely on how healthy you are.

If you have a super healthy immune system, then the chances of getting any disease is remote. On the other hand, if your immunity is poor, you'll be catching everything under the sun.

So how can you improve your immunity? Firstly, by taking medication and vaccines, you are blocking your immune system. Homeopathy, on the other hand, works by improving your immune system. So if you can make a start there, you're likely to see some good results.

Other areas that you can work on to improve your health include:

  • eating fresh food – lots of fruit and vegetables
  • make sure you have your optimum level of sleep which refreshes
  • get out into the sun for a daily dose of vitamin D
  • ensure you get some relaxing time, so you can chill out – this is especially beneficial if you can do so in nature

A more appropriate question than how long does pleurisy last would be, how healthy am I? Or, do I take good care of myself? Or, do I rely on others for my health? Or, do I have time for me?

It's worth pondering. You may be pleasantly surprised with what you can achieve, in not only shortening the duration of episodes of ill health, but in avoiding them, too.