How Long Does It Take To Reverse Alopecia Areata?

How long does it take to reverse alopecia areata?

The best way I can describe the process is by is by an analogy:
If you are driving at 30 MPH in your car and you step on the breaks your car takes about 75 yards to stop. You can stand up on the breaks as hard as you like but never stop in 5 yards.

If you are traveling at 60 MPH it can take 210 yards to stop – same car / same breaks, just the velocity dictates how long it takes to stop. It's impossible to reverse the car before stopping it first and justly with alopecia you have to stop its progress before you reverse it. To add to the confusion it is common for new patches of alopecia to start up at the same time as old patches are showing signs of re-growth.

So the answer to how long does it take to reverse alopecia areata
depends to a large extent on the speed of its progress before you start your treatment and the stress you put your system under worrying about it – because stress can make the problem worse.

The hair loss you see today is a result of an immune reaction that took place some time ago. Many people start to avoid washing or brushing their hair through fear that this will speed along the loss, because it is at the point of brushing and washing they see the greatest evidence of hair loss.

The task is to project your mind forward in time, because today's treatment will not show through new hair-growth for a number of months.

This is very difficult because at times you may feel helpless because there is nothing else that can be done other than sit and wait. Then fear may creep in and you start wondering what if I had done this or that.

The most important thing to do once you have delivered your treatment is to learn as much as you can about stress and how to keep your stress response in check. Stress has become such an important part of our modern lifestyles that it is difficult to image a stress free life. However what many people do not realize is that dietary stress can cause the same physiological changes that emotional stress can.

For example drinking too much tea and coffee can over-rev the system. Alcohol can dehydrate you which can also invoke a stress