How I Cured My Anxiety In One Week


Anxiety is one of the most suffering disorders in the western world up there with back pain and depression. It is known to be a reliably new illness affecting a wide range of people of all ages, sex and nationalities. I myself have suffered from it for the last 10 years. I had episodes so intense that I often came to a point where I just wanted to kill myself just to put an end to it. The only things that kept me from committing suicide were my respect and love for life.

When you are in a state of high anxiety, you lose a lot of your self-control abilities. You feel as if your brain is spinning and literally frying in your cranium, your mind is all over the place but you can not seem to focus on anything, you become really, extremely afraid that you are going to lose your mind and you have Tingling sensations all over your body (if it's not just plain numb like it often happened to me).

All of this is highly unpleasant. The 2 most important things that you have to know are:

1) you just CAN NOT go crazy and lose your mind from having anxiety, do not ever be scared of that, 2) the dizzy feeling you get is just from the lack of oxygen that your brain suffers when you stress out and panic. It's a natural response from your body. Your breathing becomes too shallow. Try to force yourself to breath deeply through your belly and you should regain clarity of thoughts.

These 2 things kept in mind, it will calm you down if you ever get a panic attack again. Yes you read well. If the causes of your anxiety are the same as mine, you might be able to get rid of it in about a week just by changing CERTAIN THINGS IN YOUR DIET. It took me 5 years to discover what I am about to share with you. I consider everyone on earth to be my friends and I care. This is why I am going to tell you what the FOOD AND DRUG INDUSTRY DOES NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW.

The first thing you are going to learn is how to read food and drugs labels. It's a pretty easy thing to do once you get used to it. It is a life-saving skill that most people underestimate.

There are 2 things to look out for when you are a sensitive subject to anxiety.

1) Aspartame and other brand names of artificial sweeteners, and 2) Any kind of free glutamates like the famous MSG or monosodium glutamate (also known as Annatto, Accent and many more) found in a LOT of processed food.

I am not going to enumerate in details all the things you have to look out for on labels as it is going to be one of the tasks you will have to go through on your path to sanity and well deserved peace of mind and health. Simply go to Google and type in the keywords "MSG, aspartame, anxiety, dangers, poisons, cancer, etc." And a whole new world of secrets is going to unfold in front of (a maybe skeptical) you. Print out a list of things to avoid and stick it on your fridge. Stay open-minded about it all, even if you have been putting your trust in the big food and drugs industries for many years, it's hard to swallow when you realize how their primary goal is not your health but your MONEY.

Publicity and marketing are really good at numbing your mind and having you believe that every product out there is for you own good and safety. But think about it for 2 seconds. In a world where there is war without shame, hunger and so, so much violence and greed for power and money, how could we think anything would stop major companies from wanting to make money? These people cruelly test products on animals, destroy forests and use children as slaves. Those harmful food additives are on the market just because the FDA approves the chemicals and everyone up there is buddy-buddy! You scratch my back, I scratch yours. One says it's ok, the other one sells it. Everybody makes a profit and everyone gets a ranch, a yacht and a face lift. That's how dishonest business works. These business people are not charitable souls, they are money making sharks. Do you really think they care about YOU? Do not be naive and think about it. You owe it to yourself to be aware and take responsibility for your own health.

As soon as you eradicate those chemicals from your diet you should start feeling better in a short time. There is no damage to your brain from your anxiety and you do not have to live with it ever again. There might be damage from aspartame and MSG, but it should be minor if you are still reliably young (under 35). If you are older and have been using these chemicals for a long amount of time, like let's say, if you've been drinking large amounts of Diet Coke for years, you might want to consider seeing a naturopath that would recommend a DETOX plan for You (well it is considered a hard addictive poisonous drug). What those 2 chemicals were doing was to excite your brain cells to a point where they would just fry out and die. Here is the spinning / frying brain feeling in the most sensitive of us. They also mess with your metabolism, keeping it from normally processing food and nutrients and therefore CAUSING WEIGHT GAIN AND PAIN CAUSING DISEASES (like Fibromyalgia or arthritis). Remember that our bodies are wonderful machines and when we feed them right, they should work perfectly and obesity is not natural in any animals, not even in humans. Have you ever seen a wild animal that was obese? Of course processed food is not part of their diet.

But why you, you might ask? What makes you different from other people who do not seem to suffer from these symptoms? When you hear about people who are "allergic" to MSG or Aspartame, it is not entirely true. Those people are just "above average" sensitive to the chemicals. In some way, everyone is "allergic" to them. They are labeled as POISONS by chemists. When you eat poison, you're poisoned. Not allergic! Other people might experiment different symptoms like developing cancers or having heart failure and seizures. So consider yourself "lucky" to only be experiencing mental symptoms.

As a final word, I would like to warn you about a couple of things. The first one is restaurant food. When many places tend to not add any pure MSG powder to their food, they use sauces and powders that contain some. Some fruit cocktails that are not labeled "diet" also contain Aspartame in order to lower the sugar amounts and make you buy it instead of another one (Aspartame has other names. Look on Google for alternative names). Vaccines sometimes also contain free glutamates. Ask for a list of "ingredients" before you get a shot of anything. You certainly want to know what they are injecting you or your CHILDREN with. And also keep in mind that most traditional doctors are not aware of the effects of Aspartame and MSG on people's health. It is often an honest mistake of their part when they do not diagnose someone with food chemicals poisoning.

They have studied medicine in SCHOOLS, which are GOVERNMENT institutions. They do not teach that in schools. Did you know that the company that sells Aspartame often gives money to research teams in universities and threaten to withdraw the "gift" if they publicly come out with negative results on the artificial sweetener? You can easily check that out online. I find that organic "processed" foods tend to have a lot less additives and colorants. They are more expensive but taste much better, are more filling, do not contain pesticides or herbicides and do not make you sick. Surely it is worth the extra money. Also be sure to check the labels on meal replacement drinks like ENSURE, waters with added vitamins and WHEY POWDER PROTEIN SHAKES. My father was heavily using protein shakes during exercising for years, and besides being really healthy looking and fit and having the heart of a 20 years old's, he died of brain cancer at the age of 50.

So I really hope this information is going to help you get rid of anxiety forever, become healthy and who knows, help you with weight issues if that is one of your goals. It is going to be hard. I sometimes get little episodes after going out for dinner or having a nice-tasting flavored latte from the coffee shop. I sometimes go nuts and binge on salt and vinegar chips, which keep me shaking, sweaty, panicking and confused all night. I should know better. Since free glutamates and aspartame are highly addictives, you might crave them for a while after you go off them, as if you were trying to stop smoking. The human body gets used to any poison we may choose to feed it. You might get moody and angry. It's all part of the process. Do your own research and please, please … spread the word.

-Marie-Eve Harvey (Self-heal ex-anxious wreck)