How Her Menstrual Cycle Applies to Dating

The unbelievable importance of her menstrual cycle

I've been in good spirits lately. Six new girls in the last two weeks. Now normally this would not be newsworthy, but there was something unique about this particular group of conquests. Every single one of them was on their period. That's right, every single one.

As you can imagine, I suffered some casualties along the way; two towels and a set of 800 thread count Egyptian sheets, but I digress. What are the chances I asked? This must be more than a coincidence. If a woman is only experiencing the heavier bleeding stages of her period a few days a month than my chances of having sex with her during that time is only about 1 in 10. So what are the chances that I would have first time sex with 6 different girls who are all mid flow?

My curiosity aroused, I began the tedious task of trying to remember most of the girls I had had sex with over the last fifteen years and whether or not they too were on the rag the first time I succeeded. I was shocked at my findings. Approximately one in five of the women I have slept with in my life were bleeding the first time I had sex with them. It just did not add up. If only one in ten women are experiencing a heavy flow at any given time, why am I attracting twice as many as I should? So I began to investigate more deeply, hoping that science could supply an answer that might explain my bloody past. It did not take me long to find it, and the key (if you will) has to do with how a woman's sexual taste changes during the menstrual cycle.

I've always been fairly attached to my face but one certainly would not describe it as overly 'masculine.' My lips are puffy and red, I lack the square jaw line that John Cena or a typical linebacker has, my cheekbones are higher and my skin is soft and properly moisturized. Basically I possess (along with many men) some facial characteristics that could be perceived as 'feminine.' The significance is this: Scientific research shows that women are more attracted to 'alpha' (that is, very masculine) facial features on a man when they are ovulating and thus more likely to conceive. Conversely, they are more attracted to 'feminine' facial features on a man when they are menstruating and thus less likely to become pregnant. Eureka. I had my answer and I have to admit that figuring out I fit into the latter classification was not exactly encouraging. But almost instantly I realized that it did not matter. I still had just as wide a window of opportunity as my more masculine faced friends did because ovulation and menstruation last for about the same amount of time. In fact, I realized I had one major advantage: although I will spend a lot more money on new sheets and towels than Lou Ferrigno ever did, I am a lot less likely to have an unwanted pregnancy.

Powerful information is usually compelling, but it is how we use it that counts.

Here are the two things you must do to harness and wield this knowledge:

1. Know Thyself

The shapes of our faces are primarily a result of our inherited bone structure. The vast majority of men have one of seven facial shapes (oblong, round, triangular, square, pear-shaped, rectangular, diamond or a combination of shapes). Look at yourself in the mirror carefully. Is your jawline wide and square or slimmer and perhaps more heart shaped? Are your lips narrow or pouty? Look at the line of your brow, does it hang over your eyes or is it flatter making your eyes more visible? Be honest with yourself. Decide where you fall on the continuum of facial features. It does not matter where you fall. It only matters that you know where you fall.

2. If at first you do not succeed , try, try again in two weeks

If you fail at an attempt to have sex with a woman, or fail to even get her to show up for a meeting, all is not lost. If you have stronger facial features it is very possible that your timing was a little off and she had just begun her period. (Hence she was probably having sex with me.) Obviously the opposite scenario is just as probable. The real key here is developing solid follow up game. If you have the text / phone skills to keep her on the hook for the next couple of weeks you may just find success as she enters the next stage of her cycle. Let's be clear: you do not have to wait two weeks after a failure to try again. You do not have to exclusively target girls on the rag if you look like Elijah Wood. These techniques are meant to enhance your awareness, improve your timing, and add rocket fuel to your determination to close the deal. I have always been an advocate of persistence , and now we have a biological justification not to give up.