How Fasting Helps For Body Healing

Fasting is a scientific method of curing disease, by causing the patient to abstain for a longer or shorter period of time, from all solid and liquid food, with the singular exception of water.

Fasting is as old as the human race. It is an entirely natural method of rejuvenating the body, and is one of more powerful of all remedial measures. It is a therapeutic measure, a curative agent and is quite different from starvation, which deprives the body tissues of nutrients. The effete, poisonous material with the body is the real cause of disease. Regardless of its outward appearance or showing, the various methods of its elimination constitute the various so called “diseases”.

Hygienic fasting is a voluntary act concerned with improvement of the quality of faster’s life. Abstinence is a process instinctive in all animals not spoiled by domesticity, essential to survival when the organism is overloaded with un-discharged toxins. A toxic overload accumulates when; more food is habitually eaten than is required for the body’s need. Food of poor quality imposes a stain on the digestive and assimilative functions of the body, enervating habits reduce the eliminative detoxifying capacities of the liver, kidneys, lungs & skin and excretory efficiency of the bowel, bladder and uterus. To fast is to rest the ‘body physiologically so that energy normally expended in dealing with food is diverted to healing purposes.

There is an instinct to fast when one is ill and it is particularly universal, for all animals share this instinct and will actually reuse food at such times. This proves that nature prohibits eating of the food when we are indisposed.

There are normally two ways in which impure material can enter the system, through the lung s, by breathing impure air (polluted air), and through the stomach, in swallowing improper food and drink, or in taking too much of it. In no other way are impurities normally introduced into the system, though it must not be forgotten that the administration of drugs constitute a very frequent and general source of body pollution.

The liver and kidneys are, of course, ultimately cleansed by fast, though they may have added work thrown upon them during the early days of a fast. The heart s also relieved if undue strain, since we know that many cases of the toxins which have accumulated with in the system and poisoning the heart muscles, prevent their normal functioning. The bowels are immediately affected by a fast, and one of the most noticeable effects of fasting is the reduction of the lower abdomen after the first two or three days when food is withheld. The secretions are greatly altered during a fast. The senses become excessively cute, and many patients have been enabled to see, hear, and smell far more acutely than they had been for years. The affects of fasting upon the blood are of course extremely important, as the blood is the medium through which the nutritional changes within the body are carried out. The blood becomes to some extent thinner during the fast and absorbs and carries away all unassimilated food material, conveying it to the various depurating organs for elimination. It is a fact, however, that the number of red blood corpuscles increases during the early days of a fast, though there may be a slight decrease towards the end, it is protracted, perfectly safe in the therapeutic fast.

The brain and nervous system are profoundly affected by a fast, and it has been frequently observed that the processes of thinking becomes clearer and more facilitated as it progresses, so that long continued thought is possible to a degree which would previously have insured brain fatigue.

Fasting is not a “cure all” in the sense that it will cure every sort of disease known acute and chronic, functional and organic and it is useless to pretend that it will. None of its advocates has ever asserted that it does so. At the same time, it is probable that fasting has a wider range of curative influence than any single measure known to us.

Dr. Rabagliati, an eminent cancer specialist, conducted very strongly in favor of fasting for the early stages of cancer, and this view has been supported by a number of physicians since then. And even in later stages of cancer, this method offers more hope for reduction of the growth and the prolonging of life than any method known.

Dr Haig expressed it “fasting act like a dose of alkali”. If there is acidity in the system, fasting will remove it, and restore the chemical balance of the system.

Short facts for a day or two are very beneficial, both spiritually and physically. Our devout Hindus fast in certain days of the year for short duration not more than two days. I remember during my school days, Ekadashi and Dwadashi fasts, told to me by my classmates of their fathers, mothers, grand parents. Make sure you drink plenty of water and take the deep breathing exercises. To obtain from rich food, and to eat but very little plain food, even for days or weeks, would be very beneficial. The weak, the lean, and the under nourished people should not under take any fast at all. It is better if one resort to fasting under medical supervision, so that no untoward incident may happen. We have cases of some people who were cured of their rheumatism, as they fasted two days in every week, and in a short time of rheumatism gone.

The fasting cure is based upon the fundamental assumption, previously referred to, that mist diseases are very largely curative processes, and what we regard as the disease is, as a rule a mere complex of symptoms or outward manifestations of then underlying cause, which cause is in reality the thing to be removed, that which produces the diseases state. Once we succeed in removing the cause, the symptoms disappear of themselves, without having been repressed or suppressed as they too often under allopathic medical treatment. All nature cure methods are based upon the fundamental truth that nature is the prime curative agent and that any methods of cure should attempt merely to assist nature instead of blocking her efforts. The beautiful idea of hunger cure is that wherever a meal is omitted, the body purifies itself from its disease, and it becomes apparent in the subsequent amendment both as regards bodily feelings and strength.

During a fast the energy which was previously utilized in the digestion of food material is now set at liberty, and may be used to cure the body. Secondly during a fast, useless and dead matter is always first eliminated, leaving the healthy tissues to function normally.

As Dr Dewey puts it “take away food from sick man’s stomach and you begun, not to starve the sick man, but the disease.

There are several medical problems that may arise with fasting, if it carried longer than necessary, shot fasting is not more than 3 days at a time. Yearly a person like this way can fast at least 30 days in a staggering way. Longer fasts may have the following complications such as kidney stones, low blood pressure, irregular heart beat, gouty arthritis, headaches or light headedness, abdominal pain or nausea, decreased urine output, and severe cramps, fasting is also used to treat obesity and certain convulsive disorders.

The length of the fast must be gauge very largely but the condition of the patient and by general conditions. There are certain diseased conditions which seem to call especially for the long fast. Many fast for these conditions have been from thirty to fifty days in duration, though all depends upon nature’s indication for the breaking of the fast, a normal true hunger. Those cases ordinarily requiring the long fast for the most speedily recovery is the deep rooted diseases condition, such as Bright’s disease, diabetes, rheumatism gaut, syphilis arteriosclerosis, and asthma in heavy subjects. Other conditions that have responded better to the long fast than to any other method f conducting the fast are obesity, apoplexy and the paralysis resulting there from, liver congestion, and abscesses, appendicitis both acute and chronic, and peritonitis. Cancer and other forms of malignant growths, as well as benign tumors also respond more fully to the long fast than to the short fast. Typhoid fever, among acute disease, call for the long fast. But if great emaciation and weakness have resulted from the disease, the duration of the fast will be materially shortened. Any of the conditions mentioned in the short fast and the partial fast may in an individual case call for long fast also. There are, on the other hand, many things which might be said in favor of a series of shorter fasts. If the patient is run down and debilitated, by a prolonged illness, if he suffers from tuberculosis or some other wasting diseases; when the body is but slightly indisposed, in these and in many other cases a series of shorter facts would be advised.

Right mental attitude when fasting is important. It is patient believes in the fasting cure, and understands that he is deriving benefits from it, he will not, as a rule experience many of the unpleasant symptoms which invariably manifest themselves when fasting has been undertaken under compulsion. The patient should realize that every minute of the fast is ridding his body just to that extent of the causes of his disease, and that while the period of fasting may not be unpleasant, it is nevertheless actually curing him, and incidentally may be prolonged his life for many years.

As Joseph Goodman an authority on fasting has clearly stated that fasting does not cure a disease. It is often the first step in the direction the body healing itself.

The storage organs such as the stomach and the gall bladder are permitted to empty and so cleanse themselves of obstructive impurities and infective of putrefactive organisms. The physiological chemistry and secretions are normalized. The disease and abnormal accumulations are broken down. As a result of an initial fast and subsequent care in nutrition and other aspects daily living there is usually, a rejuvenation of cells and tissues, a revitalization of bodily energies, improved digestion, absorption and assimilation of food stuffs, normalized weight, increased breathing capacity, and improve clarity of thinking and strengthening of the mind. During fasting drugs should never be taken.

Please break your fast with care, single items should be consumed at first, gradually increasing during the following days. A good rule to follow is, take many days returning to a full diet as has spent in actually fasting. Do not eat in the future if the body is fevered, infected, when in serious injury, or n any acute illness, the body appreciates this.

Response is the name of the game in fasting. There are cases of tuberculosis, asthma, gastric cancer, severe nasal and throat catarrh, obesity, severe lumbago and rheumatism, gonorrheal rheumatism, prolepsis of abdominal organs, gastritis, catarrh deafness and ulcerated tongue, tuberculosis of the larynx, diabetes mellitus etc have been cured by long fasts of more than 30 days and beyond, all patients mostly were on fruit juice diet and water. A fast is without doubt one of the greatest, if not the greatest individual or single factor of healing known to any system of treatment.