How Dream Therapy Cures Your Mental Illness

A mental illness is gradually cured through dream therapy because all dreams contain information related to your mental health and your life.

All dreams are produced by God, whose mind is the unconscious mind discovered by Carl Jung. This means that the information contained in your dreams is extremely important and gives you real knowledge.

God is your private doctor. He produces dreams about your problems and your life, giving you numerous explanations about your psychological problems, your behavior, your future, and the meaning of your life.

You will also learn the meaning of death. God gives you many lessons about matters that our scientists couldn’t discover yet, or perhaps never will.

God’s therapy is based on what is necessary for you. He analyzes all the details of your case in your dreams, showing you what He thinks about you.

God is your doctor and but He also is a judge. You are constantly judged because you are a terrible sinner, even if you don’t think so. Your opinion about who you are doesn’t correspond to the truth.

You ignore the content existent into the biggest part of your brain, which is in a wild condition. Your opinion is based on the influence of your satanic anti-conscience, besides being based on the suppositions of your underdeveloped and one-sided conscience.

Your dreams help you abandon your wild nature and evolve, while you acquire consciousness. This means that you understand the meaning of your actions and your mistakes, and you correct your mistakes.

Dream therapy eliminates your revolt because you had traumatic experiences in life, by giving you explanations for the reasons why you had these experiences. The time you will need to be relieved depends on the experiences you had, and on your personality.

You become mentally ill when you follow the absurd thoughts of your anti-conscience, what usually happens when you have a traumatic experience. Your anti-conscience increases your revolt with its absurd thoughts and emotions, while God helps you stop becoming angry thanks to the information He sends you in your dreams.

Anger is a common reaction found in most mental disorders. There are many other symptoms and reactions that characterize each one.

Dream therapy helps you change your philosophy of life and think based on God’s wisdom. You learn how to pay attention to numerous revealing details that compose your reality, and how to always have a wise attitude. Your mental illness is cured thanks to the information you have.

You also understand that your life is a process of transformation. You have to find sound mental health and become a perfect human being in order to purify your spirit. What really matters is what will happen after your death, and not your temporary life on earth.

You dreams help you focus on becoming a better person, and not on having goods and material pleasures. You understand that your personality and your actions are preparing your destiny.

So, you stop following the narrow-minded philosophy of life imposed by the hypocritical world.