How Does Obesity Start – And How Can Obesity Be Ended at Its Early Stage?

Obesity starts with you gaining a few pounds, you may not even notice. Most people who are obese today were very thin.

 A change of life style plays a big part in weight gain; this may involve your job.


1.     What I mean is, from a more active job to a less active one. When some one gets a promotion; his new job maybe permanently behind the desk, he becomes less active and so put on weight fast.


2.     It may also involve satisfaction or self content, this comes with success. It can be success in business, and when someone gets married. Most newly married men put on weight fast, especially belly fat.


3.     Moving to a new area also plays a pig part in weight problems. This is most pronounced when people move from country side to big cities. Country folks are more active and move around most of the time; but when in the city they always have to take a car or subway, got no where to go just sit at home after work.


4.     Socialization or pressure from friend plays a part in weight gain; when always trying to please your friends, or fear of what they may say if you don’t comply with them push people to do things they don’t really want. A good example is drinking; most young people turn to drink heavily due to pressure from friend. Drinking is the main cause of belly fat.


Looking at these points above and much more, you notice that it is the early stage of obesity. Once you put on the initial pound, you gain weight rapidly. It happens too fast for you to notice. Many people turn obese within just a few months.


This early stage comes with an increase in the microbial content of your gut. The number of plagues and critter double fast.


The more plagues you have, the more the absorption of food mechanism in your colon changes. You feel like you are staving, you eat more and more. The body deposits the excess as fat in your adipose tissues.


The best way to fight obesity at its early stage is to get rid of plague naturally.