How Doctors Remove Moles

There are many methods how doctors remove moles that can be very effective. The main issue with doctor assisted mole removal is that it can be very expensive. The other drawback is that it can leave unwanted scarring.

How doctors remove moles by excision:

• The mole and surrounding skin is frozen with a topical anesthetic to prevent pain.

• The mole and tissue underneath is cut out with a scalpel and the skin is stitched.

• The wound is covered with a topical ointment and a bandage.

This is one of the most common ways for doctors to remove moles.

How doctors remove moles by scraping:

• The mole and tissue surrounding it may be frozen or numbed with topical anesthetic.

• Using a sharp scalpel or blade, the doctor will actually scrape the mole off.

• This may cause profuse bleeding, and this is the main reason why you should never try to scrape a mole off yourself, at home.

• No stitches are required, however the wound is covered with an ointment and a bandage.

• Moles may grow back if certain tissue is not removed.

Another method for mole removal is laser treatments. The drawback to this treatment is that it requires repeated visits to the doctor and it is very expensive.

With these treatments, infections can occur if the wound is not properly cared for after mole removal surgery. Of course, the most common side effect of mole removal is scarring; however, there are natural treatments available that do not produce this unwanted side effect.

Mole removal surgery can be costly because it is considered a cosmetic and unnecessary procedure if the moles are not malignant. This is another reason why natural remedies are so appealing to people – because of their availability and their affordability.