How Do You Treat a Rash?

How do you treat a rash, doctor?” asked the patient.

“Steroid pills and moisturizing lotions.” replied the doctor.

“Do they work?” asked the patient again.

“Not really,” said the doctor, “but you know, there is no real cure for rash today, so we stick with those.”

I bet you heard this kind of story before. Whether it’s eczema rash, the most common one, or some other type of rash, they seem to be indestructible. They reappear and never seem to go away.

So, how do you treat a rash?

First of all, you will have to know what type of rash you have. To diagnose that, you will have to visit a doctor and ask him for his opinion. The trouble is, rashes can be hard to diagnose even to the seasoned dermatologists, but the worst part is the treatment. All over-the-counter conventional remedies available today are practically of no use. Even more, they could be very detrimental to your skin and even worsen the things. Steroid medications, like Hydrocortizon, are well known to have bad side-effects:

  • the skin is getting thinner and loses its elasticity
  • as a result, the skin gets older much faster
  • blood vessels gets dilated

Moisturizes are OK, but all they do is just what their name says – they moisturize your skin, hydrates it so that the dry and itchy feeling goes away. But that’s not treating the cause of the illness, it’s just the treatment of a symptom.

So, how do you treat a rash then?

By the use of natural products. And here’s why:

  • they have no dangerous chemicals
  • therefore there are no side effects
  • they are cheap
  • they are easy to use
  • the results are staggering

If your skin gets dry and itchy every once in a while, especially in the cold or hot weather, like now when the seasons are changing, the chances are good you have atopic dermatitis. It is the most common type of eczema caused by weather conditions, allergies and all kinds of chemical or physical irritants. I suffered from atopic dermatitis for a very long time, and I was able to put it behind me once I found about the natural remedies. So, yes, I know how it feels to scratch like crazy and how embarrassing it is to have those scratching injuries all over the body (I used to have them mostly on my legs).