How Do You Get Foot Fungus And Nail Fungus?

Fungus is almost everywhere around us. But it is mostly found in places which are warm and moist like shower rooms and locker rooms. Even your shoes are good places for fungus to stay in. It's dark, warm and moist at the same time and this is what the fungi are looking for. Many women can also pick up fingernail fungus from the beauty or nail salon if the instruments are not auto claved or wiped down with alcohol.

Usually fungus creeps to your skin through unnoticeable cuts and skin trauma. It can also make its way to your nail bed through the small space between it and the nails. When your skin and toes are normally open to a warm and misty environment you will likely get an infection. You will first notice sometimes a very small white or yellowish speck on your nails. When you see such sign, it is important that you immediately treat your nails. If you do not, the nail fungus could worsen until your whole nail will thicken and go brownish. It could also spread to your skin on the fett or hands causing athletes foot issues

Nail fungus usually starts at the feet because they are usually enclosed by your shoes, a place conducive for fungal infection. It is warm, it is dark and long hours of wearing shoes causes your feet to go moist from sweat. That is why you should keep your toenails short and clean. With short nails, the fungus will have a less place to sneak into and to hide. Clean the spaces between your toes too. It would be good if you take off your shoes during the course of the day to provide ventilation to your feet. You should avoid cotton and wool socks because wearing them makes your feet extra warm. It would cause them to sweat more. You should change socks every day. It would be nice if you could wear open toed shoes from time to time. If you go to public pools and you frequent public lockers and shower rooms, always wear slippers.

Another possible way you can get nail fungus problems is when you have a reduced blood circulation to the feet. As you know communication is passed through the circulatory system and so less blood circulation means less ability ability of the immune system to see the toe fungus starting to infect your skin or your nails. The fungus is there allowed to thrive in your foot or you nails until they create a problem we know as nail fungus and doctors refer to as omnychromosis.