How Do Scorpio Women Flirt? Unlock the Secrets of Her Body Language

The Scorpion is the most intense and passionate of all zodiacs. They are also the most extreme. There are no shades of gray. It’s either black or white. Day and night. Good and bad. They may be neutral but only with the things they feel indifferent to. That’s why it’s true that it can be a bit hard to detect what a Scorpio woman is thinking about. They appear totally cool and laid-back, however, deep within, they stay on guard and alert. They also rely very much with their intuition and they can detect you’re inner motives right away, so if you’re planning something fishy, better withdraw. Now. So, the question is, how do Scorpio women flirt? If they’re always detached on everything, how do we know if they’re already into us? Relax. Here are a few of her body language you can decode:

  • They have the most intense eyes.When a Scorpio woman is attracted to you, she will give you the most intense eye contact there is. She is not shy to show you that she is interested and most men get totally mesmerized with they way they look at you. They have the most piercing eyes and they’re so passionate that it can burn right through you. It’s important you keep your cool and not get totally conscious with yourself when she starts giving you the eye.
  • They’re may appear aloof.On your first few dates with a Scorpio woman, she would appear totally aloof or not interested at all — however, her sex appeal will keep you glued and fascinated by her that’s why you wouldn’t give up on her easily.
  • They’re in control.One strong characteristic of a Scorpio woman is that she can appear calm and collected even when she’s totally feeling otherwise. That’s why when she talks to you, she never stammers or show any hint of anxiety on her face.
  • They get exclusive. When a Scorpio woman flirts, she will not let everybody know about it — instead, she will come close to you and whisper the things she wants to say — totally sexy and alluring. A Scorpio woman oozes with sex appeal that’s why you shouldn’t get all bothered when all eyes fall on her when she enters a room. However, if she likes you, her focus will be on you and you alone.
  • They’re bold and adventurous. They never flinch at you and will tell you exactly what’s on their minds. Scorpio women may come in too strong for you and they can get pretty aggressive if they want to that’s why it’s important for you to match up as well — they want a man who can stand out from the rest.

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