How Do I Treat Bruises Homeopathically?

When a blood vessel becomes damaged by an injury or other means and a seepage of blood follows, it will show as a blue-purplish color under the skin, this is known as a breeze. Also if the area is large, there will probably be reasonable swapping and pain at the site. Consider the following remedies before choosing one that most closely resembles your symptoms.

1. HYPERICUM – For severe crushed parts, where there is a shooting pain which is excruciating and an extreme sensitivity to touch. Pain like this happens after a fall on the coccyx.

2. LEDUM PALUSTRE – If bruising is very slow to subside.

3. ARNICA – This is the famous remedy for all bruises. Effective in all but some internal deep bruising.

4. ARNICA LOTION – If the skin is bruised but not broken (Do not use ARNICA on the skin if the surface is opened.) Treatment details for ARNICA LOTION . Take 10-15 drops of the lotion and mix into 250mls of clean water (preferably previously boiled) and apply as a compress.

5. BELLIS PERENNIS – For deep injuries to muscles and also joints when ARNICA does not appear to be relieving the symptoms.

6. RUTA GRAVEOLENS – Bruises of the periosteum (covering of bones). It lies on the surface of bones and is easily injured where the bones lie just below the skin, eg elbow, shin, kneecap.

7. SYMPHYTUM – For a hit in the eye by a blunt object (a "black eye"). Also in trauma to a cartilage or periosteum (useful where RUTA GRAV has not relieved any pain by 24 hours).