How Do I Get My Penis Hard Fast?

How long does it you to get an erection?

Do you miss instant, hard and firm erections you got as a teenager?

It is not unusual for men to take more and more time to get an erection as they get older. There can be many underlying reasons behind this. Your brain is equally involved in the process of getting an erection and if there are too many things on your mind, it is quite possible to take longer than usual for getting a hard erection.

Chronic stress, depression, anxiety and other negative feelings can result in delayed arousal. Not just this, state of your overall health can also play a major role. Being overweight and excess body fat can result in clogging of arteries resulting in sluggish blood flow to the penis. This can not only lead to erectile issues and problems with libido.

Ways to Make Your Penis Hard Fast

1. Essential Fats

In order to unclog your arteries it is important to include essential fats in your diet. EFA’s like Omega 3 are great for unclogging your arteries and ensuring better blood flow not just throughout the body but to the penis as well. One of the best sources of EFA’s is olives and olive oil. Nuts are also a great source.

However, it is important to ensure that include them in your diet in moderation. You do not really want to load your system with fats and gain extra weight!

2. Get Your Body Moving

It is extremely important to workout regularly. Exercise is not just great for blood circulation in your body but also helps build your stamina and energy levels. Good sex is all about energy!

Not just this, exercise is also great for beating stress. Just a regular morning walk can also be a great way to boost flow of blood in your body.

3. Vitamins

Most men are not actually aware of this but lack of certain vitamins in your diet can also lead to erectile problems.

Vitamin E is often called the sex vitamin. There is compelling evidence that it can be a great aid in ensuring improved cardiovascular and erectile health. This is because it helps maintain endothelial function which refers to normal blood vessel flexibility which is important for proper erectile function.

Vitamin C also plays a major role in your sexual and reproductive health. It has been observed that its deficiency results in the weakening of sexual organs. Vitamin C also helps reduce cholesterol in your body which is great for boosting blood circulation. Improved blood circulation ensures faster and better arousal leading to quick erections.

4. Erection Oils

Many men try to cure erectile problems with pills, whether natural or herbal. One of the problems that remains with pills is that they can take 30 minutes to an hour to help you get an erection. This can be a passion killer for most couples. Getting instant erections, is however, possible with the help of an erection oil.

As soon as you rub it on your penis, it gets absorbed through the skin pores and reaches the bloodstream, thereby producing real fast erections. In fact, some of the best oils can help you get an erection during application itself.

Such an oil packs in a lot of natural ingredients such as Vitamin C, ginkgo biloba, pomegranate 70% ellagen, horny goat weed, l-arginine etc.,

Another great benefit of such an oil is that it can help you last for up to 2 hours so that no one can ever call you a 3 minute man!

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