How Depression Effects Learning


Depression is usually seen in children suffering with learning disabilities, finding it difficult to speak properly or fluently. Such children are unable to cope with stress and hence are unable to take care of their health and bodies.

Today there are many children suffering from depression and learning disabilities. Depression is experienced by children when they go through childhood traumas or emotional breakdown, inadequate nutrition and other factors.

Unable to Learning feature often arises in children when they lack positive influence, lack of communication. When people suffer from both depression and learning disabilities they are shattered to such an extent it creates more problems for them.

Depression is common serious mental health problem that needs attention but most people are unable to notice it initially due to ignorance. People tend to relief themselves from depressive feeling by indulging in activities such as drug abuse or frequent alcohol. They are unable to cope with problem such as deaths in family, work load and other common issue.

Depression thus causes sufferer to experience lack of interest, fatigue, and violent behavior. Usually, doctor provides medication to such people but there are alternative ways to treat depression. Like pursing treatment in mediation, Mindfulness, Regularly carrying out Exercise and take cure from herbal medicines. These alternative cure have minimum side effects and also do not require much spending of money.

Some of the signs that can indicate whether a person is suffering both depression and learning disabilities are

Person does not have any enthusiasm for any enjoyable activities

They experience despair feeling and face suicidal tendencies.

They have no inspiration to carry out any work and find difficult in concentrating.

Feel tired most of the time and this make them unable to be active.

Learning Disabilities are also cause by negative thoughts bombarding your mind such as, person feels that life has no meaning for him, or when he consider himself to be un competitive as compared to others.

When a person is depressed he/she tend to think in unhealthy ways that are not even realistic. Patients have thoughts in his/her brain that make them feel sad and hopeless. Person will react to things and he/she view thing in their perceptive. Therefore there is strong connection between what you think and how you feel.

It is therefore recommended to understand what is Depression and its Symptoms. This is first step in beating depression. Then you can start to deal with individual symptoms separately to gradually work to treat remaining problems.

Instead of worrying, examine your mind and conscience to understand your emotions. This will help you understand your problem and look for better treatment to reduce depressive illness. Any one that knows depression and learning disabilities symptoms, will be wise to avoid such complications.