How Come I Bruise So Easily? Reasons Why

As bruises can sometimes appear for apparently no reason, and with alarming frequency, it’s no wonder that many people wonder ‘how come I bruise so easily?’ A bruise occurs when tiny blood vessels beneath the skin rupture, and the resulting bleed causes the dark red or blue black mark. Gradually the body washes this blood away, and as it heals it can go through nearly all the colours of the rainbow – from green, to brown to red to yellow – before it eventually disappears.

Some people seem to suffer from these nasty marks more than others. The following are some common reasons.

  • Women suffer more than men. And there’s not really an awful lot you can do about that.
  • If you are exceptionally thin, then this could be a reason as to how come you bruise so easily. If there is not a normal layer of fat beneath the skin to act as a cushion against knocks, then this is a very common cause. Note that older people and babies are especially prone due to this fact.
  • Some people have a genetic pre-disposition to this. If one of your parents, or grandparents bruised easily, then you are more likely to as well.
  • Willebrand Disease. This is a condition which only affects about 1 percent of people and is very rare. It prevents the blood from clotting correctly, and sufferers often bleed from the gums. However, the symptoms are sometimes extremely mild and difficult to spot, therefore it often goes undiagnosed.
  • Lack of Vitamin C, many people who often bruise easily find they attain a significant improvement if they supplement Vitamin C.

Although unsightly, unless they are accompanied by severe pain, they are very rarely anything to be concerned about. Some people come out in a great big blue black mark from the slightest of knocks, but this is normal. Sometimes you many not even remember the bang that caused it to happen. Although they are ugly, there is rarely any reason to worry about how come you bruise so easily.