How Cold Calling Builds Careers & Profits

At 19, I sold Time-Life on hiring me.

Then, I sold enough Time-Life books to earn the "top salesperson" distinction.

That helped my manager to get promoted.

When the sales manager position opened up, I earned it.

I did well in that position, firing, firing, training, compensating, and motivated a team of 60 sales and back office people, to be offered my own city to run.

Instead, I stayed in school, believing I'd cash-in my abilities for even greater lucre, later.

I sold various things, all by cold calls, during college and grad school, approaching me new cars, nice living quarters, and great recreational opportunities.

After I finished my Ph.D., I made cold calls to establish my consulting practice, setting up more than 40 universities, nationwide, as my sponsors.

Those programs did well enough to be publicized broadly, bringing me to the attention of Prentice-Hall, which asked me to write a book.

I published six in five years, including the classics, YOU CAN SELL ANYTHING BY TELEPHONE! and REACH OUT & SELL SOMEONE.

Books became tapes and newsletters, and spawned more keynote speeches and seminars.

They bought me even more clients, including Xerox.

One day, after having developed a telemarketing program for their computer division, under my guidance and close enough to hear my coaching, my key contact sat down to a phone, dialed the president of a major corporation, followed my script to the letter, and earned an appointment to sell a half-million dollar bundle of hardware and software, providing the value of my processes to himself and to about two dozen top salespeople.

The same methods I developed, refined and shared were launching yet another successful enterprise within an enterprise.

Absolutely nothing about this cycle has changed during the last two decades. I develop and publish my techniques, and train you and coach your team to sell.

You pick up the phone and prosper.

This is how cold calling builds workers and profits.

So, dial and smile, and I know you'll be pleased.