How Can You Have an Out of Body Experience?

Out of body experiences are also known as OBE or OOBE. Put simply, it is an experience where a person gets a sense of floating or leaving their physical body while looking back on their body and the situation, people and environment surrounding it. This sensation is commonly occurring when a person dies or is near death after an accident or major health scare such as a heart attack. It is thought that one in every ten people have experienced an out of body experience at some point in their life.

There is little scientifically known about OBE's even those that have gone through it are adamant that it exists and due to the sheer number of testimonials and experiences from all walks of life, it is generally accepted and recognized concept. A near death experience most commonly brings upon this state. Here a person may have been in a car accident, and felt them themselves leave their body, while looking back on the scene of the accident. If their life is saved, they will return to their body and to the physical situation, often with a memory of the OBE.

Surveys conducted on people have had at least one OBE have shown varying results when it comes to the circumances surrounding the experience. Nearly all surveyed people claimed to have had an OBE while they were sleeping or dreaming, rather than near death.

Others have experienced them when sick or on strong medication. Some pilots and motorbike riders have also claimed to have a sensation of floating above their bodies while operating their vehicles, but no accident occurred. Scientists have recreated OBE's to prove that they do not always occur spontaneously. But this has not explained the fact that they do generally occur spontaneously and why this happens.

People who have had a near death experience and an out of body experience combined will often describe the OBE in full detail and with complete descriptions of everything that was going on around the scene of their accident or event while they were looking down on their body. They can hear what people are saying and see what they are doing, while apparently lying unconscious in their physical body.