How Can I Stop Snoring?

Your spouse complains you snore too loudly. People around you tell you they cannot get enough sleep because of your snoring. You are now in a dilemma with your condition and keep asking yourself: how can I stop snoring once and for all?

Before you run to the nearest drug store to get an over the counter drug for anti snoring, try to analyze what causes you to snore every time you fall asleep. It is important to know why you suffer from this condition so that you will be able to find the appropriate solution to your problem.

What causes snoring?

Snoring is caused when the muscles in your airways relaxes while you sleep. Moreover, when it is relaxed, the tissues move into your airways and constrict them, leaving less room for the air to flow through. With a limited room to flow, the air pressure becomes faster and more turbulent which causes vibrations in the soft tissue therefore it produces the snoring sound.

Other factors that could possibly contribute to your constant snoring are:

• Smoking
• Being overweight
• Alcohol consumption especially at night
• Nasal decongestion caused by allergies
• Inflamed thyroid
• Sleeping pills and relaxants

Here are suggestions to remedy your snoring problem so that you will never have to ask yourself with this question: “how can I stop snoring?”

• Change your sleeping position. People who sleep on their back have the tendency to snore more often that people who sleep on their sides or stomach. If you are not used to sleeping on your side, sew a tennis ball at the back of your clothes to prevent you from rolling to your back. The discomfort of the ball will keep you on your side as you sleep. Hug a pillow and place another one on your back to prevent you from rolling over.
• Change your lifestyle. If you are overweight, losing those extra pounds can be a great challenge. Smoking and drinking also contributes to your snoring problem. Do something with your weight problem and stop smoking and drinking for a healthy living and peaceful sleep.
• Over the counter anti snoring devices such as nasal strips, chin straps or anti snore pillows are effective for mild snoring condition.
• For serious snoring condition, your doctor may recommend surgery in order to stop snoring. This is only the last resort when nothing else works.

Now that you know some of the most common and effective solutions to your snoring problem you can stop asking yourself, “how can I stop snoring?” Instead, you and your spouse can now look forward to a quiet, peaceful slumber.