How Can I Stop Being Obese?

Obese people are like a stain on society. People shun them in the streets, seeming to think that obesity is an infectious disease they will catch if they walk too close. Their unsightly figures make people retch and mutter, '' I'd prefer to be dead if I was like that. ''

But that is nothing to what the obese person feels. Usually limited in friends, obese people can ever become depressed, anti-social, and liable to question '' Why did God make me like this. ''

The harsh truth is unfortunately that THEY made themselves like this. Their ineptitude has led to a grossly overweight body which has probably ruined the best years of their lives. But will they allow to destroy the rest of their life. In situations like this the power of the mind comes into play. All great deeds began with a single minute thought that, when combined with a burning desire that is acted upon, eventually comes true.

In any situation in life if you went set to accomplish something half-heartedly, not believing fully that it will come true, that you will fail. In such cases sometimes you did not actually want to achieve it. Obesity has lead to over 5 million deaths in the last 5 years in the developed world alone. Heart disease is most prominent among the causes with the average age of an obese person being a sad 59 years.

With the popularity of TV, fast foods and computer always increasing it is expected that this number will plummet even further. Life is made of winners and losers, and if you can look at yourself in the mirror at the end of the day and be happy, then that is all that matters.