How Can Cerebral Palsy Be Diagnosed?

Doctors and Scientists are amazed at the way the brain works and its growth is even more unbelievable. This is what nature has given us a startling piece of mini computer fitted neatly inside our tiny cranium. It is when this tiny piece of matter happens to have a small problem that a human being gets affected with some disorder. It so happens, that when a baby is in the neo natal stage or is just being born, there are chances that the area of ​​the brain that is in charge of muscle control can be damaged and this leads to what is called Cerebral Palsy. While "Cerebral" refers to the brain, "palsy" refers to the condition of the muscles.

Many parents want to know what symptoms they should look for in their child if they need to find out if their child has cerebral palsy. There are various symptoms, which children who have cerebral palsy are likely to exhibit. These kids may appear clumps or they may not be able to walk steadily. It happens that many children with this disorder will find that use of their hands and feet become difficult. Some find it hard to breathe and can even struggle to say a few words. Children with cerebral palsy will not be able to have full control over their limbs, mouth, throat and tongue and that's why they are slow I what ever they do be it speech or walk or even moving their hands to hold anything. These are some ways through which cerebral palsy diagnosis can be done.

If you have a baby who is just a few months old, you will realize that your infant tend to become stiff or keeps arching its back or even keeps stretching out its neck whenever you happen to hold this child in your arms. Older infants will find it difficult to hold an object in their hands and may keep dropping them. They also show signs of slow growth in reaching the milestones like turning over, crawling; sitting which normal infections would do with ease. Most children also have seizures if they have cerebral palsy and have jerky movements that appear clumsy.

Most parents often notice that their children are exhibiting unusual behavior and so seek a pediatrician's advice. This will give them an insight that they have an abnormal baby in their hands and this child needs special care. Medical fraternity is still to stumble upon any clear-cut diagnosis for cerebral palsy as there is no single test available for it yet. Only doctors after running a series of tests would be able to confirm if your child has cerebral palsy.

It is advisable for parents to seek medical help and advice immediately if they happen to notice any unusual behavior in their child. In addition, parents should notice if their infections have proper alignment of their eyes, as this is another important symptom that children with cerebral palsy exhibit. Doctors can diagnose cerebral palsy before a child is eighteen months old.