How Can A Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis Be Done?

There are hundreds and thousands of children all over the world who are affected by cerebral palsy. Many parents are anxious to know how they can spot the symptoms so that they can consult their doctors who can help them diagnose if their child has cerebral palsy.

Cerebral palsy is a disorder that affects infants even before they are born. Brain damage is said to be the cause of this disorder. When the part of the brain that helps control muscular movements, is damaged then cerebral palsy occurs in a child. Damage to the brain can happen anytime during the child's early life, while in the womb, during the birthing process or just after delivery. Various factors are attributed to cerebral palsy.

Consumption of alcohol and drug abuse by the pregnant mother, various infections that the mother can develop, use of force during childbirth, or lack of oxygen just after birth can all cause cerebral palsy in a child.

Most parents fail to recognize certain symptoms in their child and it is necessary to educate them so that early cerebral palsy diagnosis can be made with the help of a doctor. If parents suspect that brain damage has occurred in their infant anytime before, during and after birth, then they should watch out for certain symptoms. These symptoms should be referred immediately to the doctor so that diagnosis can be made early.

Some of the symptoms that parents should keenly watch out for in their child are lack of alertness or even lethargy when it comes to response. Irritability is another factor that needs to be kept in mind. Children with cerebral palsy tend to cry loudly with a voice level that is high-pitched and unusually abnormal. Trembling of the arms and legs is visible and they do feeding habits that are poor. This happens because their throat muscles prevent them from swallowing and sucking with ease because these are also affected. The baby will prefer lying on one side only and would show no signs of turning to the other side. The child will experience body twitches, and even show signs of seizures.

The infant will show signs of changes in muscle tones like going from being extremely stiff to floppy. It is only by six months that the baby shows full signs of this disorder and it really becomes obvious to the mother that something is terribly wrong with her child.

It is advised that medical help will be taken at once so that the disorder is diagnosed early but often than not doctors fail to make an early cerebral palsy diagnosis Most doctors are of the opinion that in an event of brain damage in an infant it is believed that the brain being very tender it has the capacity to replace the damaged cells. Treatment for cerebral palsy is yet to make good grounds, as no single treatment for cure is available yet. Parents have to accept that their child has cerebral palsy and think of ways to help their child cope with it as they grow up.