How an Ovarian Cyst Rupture Can Be a Serious Situation For Women

Many women will find out during a routine exam by their doctors that they have an ovarian cyst. This is quite a common condition that many be benign or malignant. However, most women find out that their cysts are benign. In fact, many cysts don’t even cause any kind of symptoms whatsoever. Therefore, a woman can go for many years and have no idea that she has had a cyst. However, an ovarian cyst rupture is quite an emergency situation that must be handled quickly to avoid future problems.

One of the problems with an ovarian cyst rupture is that the symptoms that are really similar to what a woman may feel just from the cyst alone. In other words, a common symptom would be pain. Some women who have cysts report that they have a constant and dull pain in their pelvic region. They may also experience pain during other activities such as sexual intercourse or when passing a bowel movement. Some women also state that they have problems during sports and other physical activities that require bending or lifting.

A woman who is experiencing a cyst rupture may also feel pain during their menstrual cycle. However, again, women who have a cyst that hasn’t ruptured may also experience the same kind of pain. Bleeding may be heavier than normal or they might even have spotting between periods. Some women who have cysts also experience amenorrhea which is the ceasing of all menstrual periods. The symptoms can vary from woman to woman.

Most women who experience in ovarian cysts rupture will tell you that they felt a sharp and piercing pain that came on suddenly. It normally happens in the lower abdominal area. If a woman has no idea that she has an ovarian cyst, this pain might be quite frightening and scary.

Any time a woman is experiencing abdominal pain or any sudden sharp pains, she should immediately seek medical attention to make sure of what is going on. An ovarian cyst rupture or a strangulated cyst can also be a serious situation that needs to be monitored by a doctor immediately.