How Alternative Therapy Can Help Reduce Stress

Stress is an undeniable facet of life which exhibits various harmful effects on the human body. When our body is under stress, it starts releasing stress hormones that increase heart beat, respiratory rate and provide a burst of energy. Stress can exhibit worst effects on the human health and may cause headaches, stiffness, neck pain, shoulder pain, upset stomach, back pain and insomnia. Stress can also lower the immunity of the body and reduce the ability to fight off certain health concerns. Furthermore, it makes your body depressed, tense, and irritable that ultimately affects on your daily activities and lowers your efficiency.

Alternative therapy is a natural healing approach to get rid of this worst health concern. It includes a number of treatment techniques that work best for treating the whole body systems. In this article, I will describe how alternative therapy helps treat stress and how alternative treatment techniques heal.

Alternative Therapy – The Whole-Body Systems Approach

Alternative therapy is a natural and holistic approach that encompasses a number of hands-on techniques that activates the internal healing system of the body. It includes various holistic approaches like physical therapy, massage therapy and various integrative manual therapies that are performed by a professional and trained physical therapist or massage practitioner to correct the health conditions that are created due to stress. A physical or massage therapist provides a gentle body touch with his skilled hands that activates the natural healing system of the body and provides a sense of well-being.

Massage Therapy – Relaxing the Mind, Body & Spirit

Massage therapy is a holistic and natural way to treat stress related conditions of the body such as high blood pressure, back pain, stomach disorders and emotional disturbances. It effectively relaxes your mind, body and spirit and promotes a feeling of calm, peace and comfort.

Integrative Hands-On Techniques – Promotes Emotional Calmness

Since alternative therapy includes various integrative hands-on techniques that effectively induce relaxation responses ie promote muscle relaxation, lower blood pressure, normalize respiratory rate and ultimately promote emotional calmness, reduce stress responses and maintain overall wellness.

Alternative Therapy – Helps Relieve Stress

Physical therapy is a type of alternative therapy that offers strengthening, stretching and stress relief exercises to promote mental and physical wellness of a person. A physical therapist gently provides breathing and relaxing techniques that induces mental relaxation. Gentle and effective body movements stimulate the receptors in the nervous system to decrease the production of stress hormones which ultimately relax muscles, improve flexibility and normalize the breathing pattern of the body.

In a nutshell, alternative therapy is really effective for both mind and body and proven to be highly effective for alleviating stress and other stress related conditions. Indeed, it is a profound and natural approach to provoke a gentle feeling of calm, relaxes your mind and promotes mental and physical health. It is a natural way to cope with the worst effects of stress and provides you a stress-free life.