How a Louise Hay Affirmation Movie Helped Me Be Less Ill!

A Louise Hay Affirmation Movie helped me turn from sickly to healthy… find out how…

Have you got a cold right now? Are you feeling a little under the weather? Do you lack energy or feel as if you spend most of the cold winter months sniffling? If so, you would not be the only ones. I am originally from the UK and half of my friends back home seem to have picked up a bug of some sort during the transition from the British (very short) summer and colder autumn months.

It’s to be expected though, isn’t it? Changes in temperature…new bugs…poor immune systems…lack of sunlight. All of these are regularly given as reasons for illness. How many times have you explained away an illness on a poor immune system, or lack of vitamin C, or even burning the candle at both ends? But is this really the case? What if the problem actually went deeper than that. What if the problem was connected to how you felt inside?

I recently saw a great movie called Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. Louise Hay is a giant in the affirmations world and famously cured her cervical cancer through positive thinking. This may seem a little out there and new age for some people, but for a moment think of your own experiences. Think about a time when you were doing something everyday that you did not enjoy. It could have been a job, studying, in a bad relationship. How did you feel at the end of the day? Full of energy? For most people, the answer would be no.

I have some direct experience of this myself. Before I left the UK I was pretty unhappy. Not manic-depressive unhappy, but dissatisfied. I did not enjoy my job. I found faults with my relationships and, most of all, I found fault with myself. Looking back now, I realize I was a huge ball of negative thinking. So, how did I feel? Awful is the answer. Physically I was at the worst I have ever been. I put on a lot of weight and picked up every bug going around. I ended up taking so many sick days off work I got a written warning from work, it was that bad!

At the time I made lots of excuses about the weather, drinking too much, not eating healthily, not exercising and so on. At the time they did not even seem to be excuses. They were reasons I had accepted since childhood…when it gets cold you are more likely to get flu, if you work next to an ill person you are likely to pick up their bug. At no point did I link my worsening physical condition with the way I felt emotionally. I knew being unhappy, or unmotivated did not help my energy levels, but I did not make the leap to linking my illness with my unhappiness.

My life has changed a lot since this point and I am hugely grateful for that fact. I took the plunge, left the U.K and have ended up in Honduras working with great people who are focused on positive thinking, spiritual growth and financial freedom. It has been a really transforming experience. I am happy most of the time, I identify when I slip into negative thinking patterns and work my way out of them. I live in a supportive and loving environment that allows me to keep on growing!

The thing that occurred to me after the Louise Hay movie and inspired me to write this article, was that I have been sick around three times this past year. Two of those times were because I was being foolish by not drinking enough water and once was from being a bit experimental with my restaurant choices. No colds, no flu, no exhaustion, no chest infections. I am not eating much healthier, or exercising particularly more. In fact the only external difference has been the weather!

The main difference, and I believe the thing that has changed my health for the better, has been the inner changes I have made. I have started being honest with myself about how I am feeling. I focus on the positive things in life. I stop negative behaviour. I have spent time working on negative belief patterns. I have started using affirmations on a daily basis and listening to inspiring positive authors like Louise Hay, Abraham-Hicks, Dan Millman and many more. My health has improved in direct relation to my happiness.

I really do believe that anyone can be healthier just by incorporating positive thinking into their lives. It does not have to be a difficult process. Here are a few ideas based on things I have used successfully

  1. Try saying an affirmation everyday. I really was not comfortable with affirmations at first so, if you are the same, be patient with yourself. Louise Hay does some great ones on YouTube – Hay Affirmations is also a great channel. Find an affirmation with some music or a message you can relate to and just listen, try to it in the morning and evening before you go to bed.
  2. Read a book or watch a movie. There are so many great personal growth books and movies out there. Like I said, Louise Hay’s Heal Your Life was the inspiration for this article, but there are many other good movies. A book I would really recommend is Abraham-Hicks, Ask and It Is Given. Really inspiring stuff.
  3. Work out what your passions are. Spend 15 minutes thinking about what makes you feel passionate and make sure it has a place in your life.
  4. Be grateful for everything around you. Just sit in a place you find relaxing and beautiful (for me that is the beach) and spend a few minutes thinking about what you are grateful for.
  5. Start appreciating yourself more. Seriously, you are in the best place to do it! Think about all the great things about you. If there are any parts of you that make you feel uncomfortable (weight, honesty, generosity) write them down and think them out. Try and move from the negative place and think a more and more positive thought.
  6. Final trick, is when you start feeling the exhaustion or illness set in, don’t accept it. It’s a form of negative thinking. Just focus on something else, or say the affirmation “I am healthy and happy”. Sounds crazy but it works!

Anyway, I hope if illness or exhaustion is a reoccurring theme in your life that you will give these ideas a chance. What have you got to lose? Find an inspiration like a Louise Hay Affirmation movie and be happy and healthy!