How 5 Alpha Reductase Affects Hair Loss

Almost 30% of the populations in the world are experiencing one common problem and that problem is hair loss.

Both men and women will try anything to prevent loss of hair and though there are several solutions available for this issue, majority of the affected people will not get the result they were looking for. An enzyme called as 5 Alpha reductase is produced from the adrenal glands as well as scalp that will metabolize DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) from male hormone testosterone. In hair issues, the most common problem that is faced by both male as well as female is baldness. In medical term, baldness is known as Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA) and overproduction of 5 alpha reductase causes AGA.

One of the main causes of thinng hair and the loss of hair in men is when the DHT is created, this is an unwanted reaction between 5 alpha reductase and testosterone and has bee proven to result in DHT formation. DHT will result in severe baldness and males are affected more when compared with female although women carry a smaller amount of the male hormone testosterone. In most cases, females are affected with baldness or thinning hair due to menopause but can certainly be affected by DHT.

Treatment for 5 alpha reductase:

There are several methods included for 5 alpha reductase treatment. Some of the treatments available for baldness or DHT are Minoxidil, Finasteride and Dutasteride etc. From all these treatments, Minoxidil is most effective treatment for DHT or baldness and patients should apply it on the scalp. Minoxidil should be applied in the scalp for at least a 6 months in order to get effective remedy for hair loss. Although Minoxidil does not block DHT it will increase circulation at the scalp. Finasteride and Dutasteride are prescription medications that come in a pill form and are used for inhibiting 5 alpha reductase and it prevents DHT formation but there are side effects from these types of hair loss treatments. Preferably you will want an all natural DHT blocker and an increase of hair loss vitamins as these can help to stop from further hair loss.

Plastic surgery or surgery implantation has to be done for effective treatment of DHT for some people because the hair at the back of the head are immune to DHT. For the treatment of baldness and thinning hair in females, it is a little more complicated and further treatments should be carried out only after consulting with a physician.

Some nutrients including phytosterol complex, green tea extracts and saw- palmetto etc are the natural inhibitors of 5 alpha reductase and will be ingredients in most hair loss treatments. These nutrients will also prevent the metabolizing of testosterone. It has been proved that Saw- palmetto is one of the most effective natural 5 alpha reductase inhibitors that are needed to be included in any proven hair loss pills.

Alpha reductase 5 blockers can be stop or control the production of DHT. For a list of proven products visit my number 1 resource.