Hot Tubs Marbella – Water Jet Design

In a Marbella Hot Tub the water jets should obviously be planned to provide muscle massage, but like all things, they need to be properly designed and thought out.

It is not just a question of sticking some Jets here and there in some kind of false thinking that the more Jets the better, as it simply does not work like that.

This is often the very area of design where cheap imported spas sometimes incorporate bad designs that in many case may look good but in reality are just not good for the end user. When a specific hydro therapy seat is planned, American designers have had many years experience of being able to consider the very many choices and ideas and of course have feed back from a very considerable number of satisfied clients.

With cheap imported Hot Tubs, they do not consider or give any real thought as to how the human body is going to be placed in front of the jet patterns. In more cases than not it is as if they just want it for its cosmetic appearance that is simply to make it “look attractive” a bit like mutton dressed as lamb. If one does not know about jets and how they work one can easily be fooled into thinking that more Jets are a good thing, which is not true if they are badly designed.

A multitude of many jets, which may simply look wonderful, can often prove to be painful and sometimes even annoying. One of the worst lay outs that I have seen is where the seats that have very many, (say twenty to thirty five), small penetrating jets, where all of the water from one pump can be forced through that seat. What sometimes looks good in the showroom under a spotlight can sometimes simply turn into a form of abuse.

We know a client who had a spa like this some years ago and he has told us that it used to bruise him and he had no control of the water pressure or flow of those Jets. It was of course a cheap Chinese import. In that kind of Hot Tub the client sometimes has to hang on to the sides of the tub just to stay in the seat.

If you have a reinforced concrete back, perhaps you might enjoy that kind of massage for us more normal mortals we need fully adjustable Jets so we can select what we need as otherwise the spa I am describing simply proves to be too much for most people.

Many years ago, various tests have been carried out on middle aged and elder citizens whereby they used a spa having this set up. All of these people and in particular the elderly people had bruises on their bodies in the same pattern as the small “bullet” jets in the seat.

These small Jets are not expensive to fit and look a spa look to have more features than it has in reality. First, directing all the power from one pump into one seat is just plain poor engineering and secondly, the spa pump is too small to operate all of the jets at the same time.

Another example of just plain bad design is the spa with large full sized vibrating jets placed in the upper neck area. The muscles contained in ones neck are small and to frank who wants to have ones neck bruised with a vibrating large Jet. Obviously, one needs smaller jets for smaller muscles.

Again the best advice remains simply is to buy a Hot Tub from a well known manufacturer with many years standing in the Industry not a cheap import from China.